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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Spectrum Organisation

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Spectrum Organisation services the region from Brisbane City to the Sunshine Coast Spectrum's community centre is located at 10 Leanne Crescent, Lawnton QLD

Target group

Spectrum Organisation services all sectors of the community with specialist supports for people experiencing disadvantage of any kind or those living with a disability or mental illness.

Organisational Information

The Spectrum Organisation developed from the Redcliffe Special School’s P&C committee in 1991 to support people with disabilities in the local area. Since this time the organisation has grown to provide a range of community service options. Spectrum’s ethos is inclusive, celebrating those things that make us all alike and human, by providing service options that are accessible and appropriate for all in our community. Service provision is holistic, a ‘wellness’ model that seeks to build strength and capacity in the individual through service provision and connection with their community. Spectrum provides a venue where all members of the community are welcome and where the capacity of the individual to make a valuable contribution to their community is recognised and facilitated. Spectrum’s mission is to break down the barriers that often prevent diverse communities from working together and to foster a sense of belonging for all in our community.

Host Provider Model

Spectrum has devised a model of host service that allows clients to enter at any level of service appropriate to their capacity and adjust service provision as that capacity changes. We have identified and costed three levels of service provision with clear parameters that will allow families to make informed decisions about their needs and ensure that services perform to their expectations.

Fee Structure

The fee structure outlined below allows families to engage the level of support and mentoring that they feel is needed and also to move between levels of support as capacity grows or circumstances change. Service fees are to be paid on a pro-rata basis each quarter, in advance. No exit fees will apply and service fees will be reimbursed at a pro-rata rate from the date of service transfer, when all service actions and accountabilities on behalf of the client will cease. Spectrum will offer host services under the self directed support framework with three levels of service provision:

Level 1 - Administration and accountabilities

This package is designed for stakeholders that have a good understanding of the self directed model, have the capacity to direct service provision independently as well as the confidence and desire to do so. This may suit families managing packages where there is little or no change in the schedule of servicing (just the administration of the package), or for small packages that may involve the purchase of a single service type. This level of assistance will include:

  • Supply of a tailored induction kit which will give the client/family some helpful information about Spectrum and self directed support, information and referral points regarding insurance and industrial relations, sample plans and budgets, as well as additional sources of support and guidance.
  • A comprehensive service planning process to establish the goals of service provision which will include the establishment of an individual service plan and discussion around service options.
  • Access to peer support networks and information sessions
  • Quarterly review processes
  • Full annual review of the program and budget
  • Receipt of funding and reporting to funding body
  • Release of funds directly to the stakeholder on an agreed schedule.
  • Collation and retention of records to meet accountability requirements.
  • This package aims to achieve an effective balance between prudent financial risk management strategies, quality service provision and stakeholder autonomy while controlling the cost of host service provision.

Cost = 8% of total package value

Level 2 - Guided support

We suggest families commence at this level of service provision which allows them to embark on a path of self direction with the benefit of ongoing guidance. This may suit families who have some uncertainty about self directing or may be managing more complicated packages with multiple stakeholders involved. This level of assistance will include:

  • All supports provided under Level 1
  • Assistance and advice with service provider selection
  • Assistance with the initial negotiations to implement service agreements with brokered providers.
  • An administrative support function - Spectrum will manage the direct payment of invoices and receipts for approved brokered services.
  • Ongoing support and mentoring to assist families to grow in confidence and capacity within the self directed funding model.

Cost = 8% total package value + $1973.30/yr (covers a standard allocation of ongoing support 1hr/wk)

Level 3 – Coordinated Package

This level of support is the first step in the process towards self direction and may suit families who are short on time, have some uncertainties about self direction or who are managing a more complex package. At this level Spectrum will support families through a more direct means by negotiating with existing and potential providers on their behalf. This model balances a family’s desire for greater control of their package with their need for support to do so. Many families may choose to remain at this higher level of service provision to assist them in managing multiple service providers but the goal may be to achieve a structure in the first couple of years that they are able to confidently manage more independently. This level of service provision is a partnership between Spectrum and the family and a greater need and capacity for ongoing support and mentoring has been recognised in the service fee. The fee structure will vary in accordance with the size of the package to fairly represent the level of service engagement. This level of assistance will include:

  • All supports and assistance available under level 1 and 2
  • Ongoing management of brokered arrangements
  • Assistance resolving issues relating to service provision
  • A higher level of ongoing support and mentoring.

Cost = 8% total package value + the costs associated with an agreed level of coordination





Contact name:
David Carr
Contact position:
Support Service Manager
Contact phone:
07 3881 3310
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Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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Establishment fee
Administration fee
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