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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Staffing Options for Community Services

Available to


Target group

All people with a disability aged 0 – 65 years and their families / carers.

Organisational Information

Staffing OptionS has been operating as a private, fee for service agency providing experienced, quality support staff on a temporary and contracted basis to people with disabilities and the aged across a wide range of disability, family and community support services since 1997. Services include:

  • Temporary / emergency relief staff.
  • Short / long term in-home support.
  • Community Linking and Participation.
  • Alternate & Respite Family Support.

In 2007, Staffing OptionS commenced operating as a Host Agency for Self-directed Support. Staffing OptionS adopted the following principles to guide the development of systems that would enable people to direct their own support arrangements.


  1. People’s homes are private places where customs, relationships, security and preferences need to be honoured.
  2. Family and friends have natural authority in people’s lives.
  3. People are unique individuals and supported in personalised lifestyles that are highly relevant to them.
  4. Valued roles are supported and maintained in people’s lives.

Bureaucratic processes are minimised in the life of the person and their personal networks

Host Provider Model

Staffing OptionS provides a system for people in receipt of funding to have control of their support arrangements without having to deal with all the legal, financial and administrative requirements; creating a bureaucratic shield.

Staffing OptionS works together with the person, their family or other committed persons to negotiate a ‘Host Agreement’ that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the person who is directing support and the roles and responsibilities of Staffing OptionS administration and finance staff. Each agreement is negotiated one person at a time and is unique to the individuals/ families situation and support needs.

Staffing OptionS holds and administers each person’s funding in line with their funding agreement and the service agreement with the funding body. Staffing OptionS negotiates a budget based on individual funding agreements and reports directly to each person as negotiated.

Staffing OptionS through ‘hosting’ aims to provide a clear distinction between the administration of the service and the operation of the service in people’s lives. Allowing families to direct their own supports and funding in ways that are suitable to their personal and changing situations. Staffing OptionS acts as a buffer between the person receiving support and the reporting requirements.

Fee Structure

Staffing OptionS negotiates a fee, a percentage of funding, to cover costs incurred based on what activities Staffing OptionS is required to undertake.

The administration fee is between 7 and 10% of the persons total funding as per the annual service budget/grant agreement. This fee is includes all administration and ongoing support and development as needed.

The percentage negotiated will vary depending on whether using Staffing OptionS payroll service, a Self-managed Funds arrangement (using Contractors or External Payroll Service) or combination.

It provides a financial basis to administer the funds and to provide staff who are able to assist with the establishment and development of self-directed support arrangements and the development of assistance that may be required in the future to sustain the support arrangements.

The administration supports that are covered by this fee:

  • Receiving of funding and brokerages on behalf of the person receiving support
  • Collaborate with (person directing support) to develop a budget which will give authority to any spending.
  • Fulfil expectations of the Disability Services Act and regulations, the service agreement with the funding body, the Disability Service Standards and the Quality Management System including but not limited to:
  • Annual Financial Returns
  • NMDS documentation
  • Service Agreement
  • Sign off on Funding Agreements
  • Undertake internal & external Audits
  • Keep accurate and separate accounting records of funds received and expended.
  • Create a reserve on behalf of the person receiving support for future expenses when requested and within funding guidelines.
  • Compile and provide reports quarterly or on request detailing income received and all expenditure.
  • Initial set up costs
  • Assistance with recruitment
  • Ongoing development and review.

Options for care and supports:

There are multiple models of Self Directing that families/ individuals can adopt to suit there unique circumstances and capacities. At Staffing Options under Self Direction, families/ individuals are offered to adopt a model that suits there capacity and needs:

  1. Partial Self Direction- Payroll Service - Staffing OptionS can provide a Payroll Service and take on the ‘legal employer’ responsibilities of any staff required (e.g. support workers, key workers, co-ordinators), however each individual or family would take on the responsibility of employing and directing their own staff.
  2. Full Self Management- Contractors, PAYG systems, monthly transfers - Alternatively, Staffing OptionS can set up each individual or family to directly engage the personnel, supports & services they require. Under this system, Staffing OptionS does not have a direct relationship to the people engaged in the provision of support or services. Staffing OptionS can provide information and support about using methods such as engaging contractors operating with an ABN; employing workers under the PAYG system or via contracting generic services.
  3. A Combination of both systems. Some people choose to use a combination of both systems. Staffing OptionS has the responsibility for ensuring that the different systems remain both legally viable and easy to use.

Staffing OptionS provides ongoing support and assistance. The systems individuals choose are reviewed annually or when required and can be changed to suit their needs at any time.





Contact name:
Leanne Burke
Contact position:
Brisbane - Manager Development Projects
Contact phone:
07 3254 1000
Contact email:
Secondary contact name:
Lichelle Vianello
Secondary contact position:
North Coast - Support Development worker
Secondary contact phone:
07 5443 9022
Secondary contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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