Your Life Your Choice Host Providers - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Australian HealthCall Group

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Target group

Persons 0-65 years who live with any type of disability and their family carers.

Organisational Information

The Australian Health call Group (AHG) is a well established for profit provider of services for persons living with Disability and a broad range of health needs in Queensland, NSW and the ACT. AHG adopts a person centered approach working closely with the client and their family to maximise the client’s goals and quality of life. AHG has offices in Brisbane and Toowoomba and from these bases offers services State wide. AHG is able to offer a broad range of services tailored to meet individual needs and goals.

Host Provider Model

The Australian HealthCall Group (AHG) will be working closely with service users and their families to design a support service which offers maximum control and value for your funding package.

AHG will initially meet with you to discuss your needs and how we can assist you in meeting those needs. From that initial consultation a Plan will be produced that takes into account the goals and aspirations of the service user; a budget and strategies to implement the Plan. AHG works on a basis of flexibility while striving to assist you to meet your goals within your available funding. All Plans are flexible to meet the changing needs of the individual. AHG will produce a financial statement for Your Life Your Choice participants on a quarterly basis (or as requested) to ensure that you are always fully informed of the level of funding available to meet your needs.

AHG is able to assist with all aspects of Your Life Your Choice funding package including insurances, employing staff and industrial relations and education on being an employer (if that is your choice). As a service provider AHG is able to arrange the provision of staff if that is the choice of the service user.

Fee Structure

AHG has a one off fee of $500.00 to cover the initial planning meeting and to establish the administrative functions of your program.

The yearly fee is 7.5% of the entire package payable on a quarterly basis.

As a service provider AHG is able to provide casual staff at discounted rates for the members of the Your Life Your Choice program who engage AHG to hold their package. All rates for casual staff are available upon request.





Contact name:
Bernard Mcnair
Contact position:
Manager, HealthCall Self Directed Funding
Contact phone:
1300 363 898
Contact email:
Secondary contact name:
Kobee Byrne
Secondary contact position:
Case Manager
Secondary contact phone:
07 3720 8155
Secondary contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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