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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Town and Country Community Options

Available to

Wide Bay – Maryborough and Hervey Bay

Target group

All people with disability 0 - 65 years.

Organisational Information

As a host provider, Town & Country Community Options Inc will play a pivotal role in supporting people with a disability and their families and/or carer’s, who choose to self-direct their funds, to take greater control of the types of support they receive and who or what organisation provides that support.

Our service has been involved in the provision of flexible and responsive services for many years. Since 1996, Town & Country Community Options has developed into an organisation which can now offer a wide range of supports available and, through links with external agencies such as the Wide Bay Burnett Coalition members, the range of services available can be tailored to meet most needs.

As a partner of Wide Bay Burnett Coalition, Town & Country Community Options is able to draw on the skills, experiences and resources of the other Partners to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and the quality of our services are above Industry Standards. Wide Bay Burnett Coalition provides the mechanisms for Partners to broker services between Partners for low or no cost, temporary or permanent transfer of service provision if a client moves to another location; and information sharing to assist Clients and Families without reproducing assessments.

Host Provider Model

Our model is developed around the needs, aspirations and goals of the person we support. It generally involves the following series of steps (but this obviously can vary depending on the individual, their circumstances, and urgency of their support needs):

We will engage with the person firstly in all cases; then, as directed by the person, their partner, family, friends, community, and any appointed decision makers. Through the involvement of an appointed assessor, the person will explore, articulate and develop their plan, based on their immediate physical needs, as well as their dreams and aspirations for their future.

Once a plan is developed and agreed upon, we will work with the person to identify the staff he or she wishes to provide the support should this be provided by town & Country Community Options; or from another organisation if this is the choice of the person. As well as identifying the supports to be put in place, any resources etc. Necessary will also be identified and sourced.

Each plan is monitored regularly with the person and adjusted as desired by them. Every plan is reviewed at least every three months for the first twelve months, then after that, at least each twelve months or sooner as required by the person and their family members.

At Town & Country Community Options, we can offer a planned, external evaluation of the services we deliver. This evaluation can be carried by another member of the Wide-Bay Burnett Coalition at the request of the person, to ensure a fair and transparent evaluation is completed in a manner that allows for the open and honest input from all involved; Town & Country Community Options will of course, carryout any internal evaluations and reviews of the plan if the person is happy for this to occur. It is all about having choices and being free to make those choices.

Fee Structure

Stage 1. Deciding what you want, deciphering the processes and how can we help?

Initial interview of approximately 1 hour, will allow us to work out if we have the capacity and contacts to meet your requests. We will assist you to find another service if we cannot help. Cost – no charge

Stage 2. Planning and Linking to make it happen.

Assistance and support for Clients/Families to define their needs and select services from organisations and individuals to deliver the required services. This Planning will be based on the principles of Personal Futures Planning and require a number of hours and involvement from significant others in your life. If you already have this Plan developed, this stage will not take a long to complete. You may choose to complete this stage in a number of sessions so all people can have informed input.

Cost – 1 hour – 5 hours average, costed by the hour based on the number of facilitator/s required.

NB. The Client/Family members are not obligated to purchase services from Town & Country Community Options; They have the right to request services from other organisations and individuals and only require the services of Town & Country Community Options for the Planning and Linking stage above.

Stage 3. Purchasing Direct Services from Town & Country Community Options

Option 1. Client/Family chooses their own Contractors/staffing and totally runs their own service including production of any necessary reports. Town & Country Community Options only administers the funding paying accounts on invoice/s.

Cost – 6% of total package based on a package of $30,000

Option 2. Client/Family chooses their own Contractors/staffing and provides their supervision and direction. Town & Country Community Options provides support and training for Client and Family in running their own services including assistance to establish insurance cover and industrial relation regulations obligations. Town & Country Community Options produces any necessary reports. Town & Country Community Options also administers the funding paying accounts on invoice/s.

Cost – 15% of total package based on a package of 30,000

Option 3. Client/Family elects Town & Country Community Options to provide and supervise employees for direct care services. Town & Country Community Options provides all conflict resolution and produces any necessary reports. Town & Country Community Options also administers the funding.

Cost 31% of total package based on a package of $30,000

Option 4. Town & Country Community Options outsourcing or brokering (wholly or partly) direct service provision to another organisation. Town & Country Community Options will administer the funding as in Option 1,2 or 3 above and provide any necessary reports. Costs will be negotiated based on the total funding package (and or the outsourced part if applicable) per annum depending on the administration level of the agreement.





Contact name:
Evan Munroe
Contact position:
Service Manager
Contact phone:
07 4123 6288
Contact email:

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