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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Uniting Care Community

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Your Choice is located wherever you are. No matter where you are, we can come to you. With modern technology and the world getting smaller by the day, Your Choice looks forward to partnering with you, wherever you are in Queensland.

Target group

Your choice looks forward to partnering with you if you are aged between 0 – 65.

Organisational Information

Your Choice is a Host Provider for self-directed support. The primary guiding principle of Your Choice is to provide a tailored service directed wholly by you, and to act as a resource to provide you with information, guidance and coordination in a way that empowers and builds capacity so you are the driver in your own life.

Host Provider Model

Your Choice recognises that you know you best.

We understand that you and your family and/or friends know what will meet your needs best and know how to create a life of possibility. Your Choice is committed to supporting you in this process.

A little or a lot

In choosing to work with Your Choice, you get to be in control. You get to say how much involvement, support and/or guidance you want. You get to be the designer.


Your Choice has a primary focus on planning. Planning to address your unique circumstances, to encourage independence and by working together with you. Our focus is on ensuring that you develop a plan that is centred on you and your life.


As your host, Your Choice can offer you services that are minimal or intensive dependent on what you want and the complexity of your requirements, for example:

  • You wish to self-direct support but require a system to track financial information
  • You wish to self-direct support but do not want to monitor or maintain the financial aspects of your funds
  • You do not want to undertake payment and monitoring of invoices.


Your Choice is committed to you putting your plan into action and making it work for you. Self-directing your own support means that you get to decide how and when and by whom, your services are delivered. It also means that you can choose how much control you want to have in this. You may choose to do all of it yourself, or seek to deepen your partnership with Your Choice

Personalised and directed by you

Your Choice offers people the opportunity to design and deliver their own support services. Your Choice will assist you to do as much or as little as you want. This is personalised and directed by you, with the support of your family, carer/s or other support people if required.

The way that Your Choice partners with you can incorporate three components.

  • Self-directed planning – planning that is directed by you, is about you and what you want in life. Planning is directed by you whether it is your support planning or your life planning, and Your Choice can assist with either or both, as much or as little as you want.
  • Self-directed funding – we can act as a financial intermediary and simply transfer your funding to you so that you can manage it completely, or we can hold your funds and pay invoices on your behalf; and we can do anything in between these so that you can design your supports that are responsive and flexible.
  • Self-directed support – Your choice will offer you support that is flexible, tailored to your needs, and delivered in a way that suits you. In doing so we can help with service coordination, and facilitation.

Experience a positive shift in the quality of your life.

Partnering with Your Choice is a primary means to not only achieving the goals that you want, but also by following a path to your goals that you design. Your path can be a combination of:

  • informal supports
  • support or services that are generic and that are accessible to everyone in the community, and not related to your disability
  • supports or services.

Fee Structure

Your Choice doesn’t have strict ways of working. We have basic structures in place, but mostly, you will direct us. Each person that partners with Your Choice will experience a unique service that is flexible and meets your unique needs. With that in mind, our fee structure is set up so that we can tailor service to you and can scale costs depending on how much input you want from us.

Initial set-up fees

When you choose to partner with Your Choice, we have an initial fee to establish your host arrangement. This fee is to cover all of the initial set up processes and financial administration. Cost: $1000 (one off cost).

Ongoing Financial Costs

There are two main options available for the management of your finances:

  1. Your Choice provides funds directly to your bank account. We assist you to set this up and then you provide us with copies of receipts / invoices each month or utilise our simple computer system Xero.
    The cost of this option is 5% of total funding per year.

  2. Your Choice pays all invoices from suppliers on your behalf. This means that your funding sits with Your Choice and the services and suppliers you use invoice us directly. This saves you having to do all the financial work. In this situation, we will assist you with set up, establishing a process that is mutually suitable, and provide any required tools or templates.
    The cost of this option is 9.5% of total funding per year.


When you choose to self-direct you need to plan how you will use your funding, what you will buy and who you will buy it from – your supports and funding plan. Your Choice can help you do this. Your Choice won’t lock you into a standard way of doing it. We use a person-centred approach, and we can help you to set it up in a way that suits you.

The minimum you need on your plan to meet the criteria for the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services is:

  • What services you are assess to receive
  • The amount of funding you have
  • Your goals and priorities
  • What supports and services you will buy to meet your assessed need
  • Where you will buy those supports and services from.

You may choose to set up your plan yourself or with your family, or you might want Your Choice to assist you; a little or a lot. Either way, we will work together with you in the way that most suits you. If you want to change your plan later, we can help with that too. If you would like to utilise this formal service there is a range of rates that can be discussed with you. This process is not essential and basic planning is provided as part of the set up of Your Choice.


Once you have a plan about what supports and services you will buy, and where you will buy them from, you may decide that you want Your Choice to assist with setting everything up.

This may include negotiating with services and suppliers, doing some of the leg work, assisting with recruitment and selection. Your Choice can assist you with setting things up so they run smoothly. If you would like to utilise this service there is a range of rates that can be discussed with you.

Complaints, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation

Something has gone wrong? We can help.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not getting what you thought you were going to get or, you have a concern about service, Your Choice can assist you. We will help you find a suitable advocate, or we can assist you with information so that you know your rights. You can also choose to use the skills of trained staff to help with conflict resolution. If you would like to utilise this formal service there is a range of rates that can be discussed with you.

Positive beliefs and expectations

There is no doubt there is a link between what we believe and our actions. Your Choice stands strong in the belief that a great life in the community, in relationships with others is an achievable reality for everyone, regardless of disability.





Contact name:
Kellie Burnett
Contact position:
Manager, Your Choice
Contact phone:
07 3363 2222
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