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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Waminda Services Ltd

Available to

Dalby and surrounding district (Jandowie, Tara, Chinchilla, Bell etc.)

Remote service delivery to the remainder of the Western Downs Regional Council area (Miles, Wandoan, Moonie, Bulacca, Glenmorgan etc.), and the Maranoa Regional Council area (Roma, Mitchell, Injune, Surat, etc.)

Target group

All people with disability aged 0-65 years.

Organisational Information

Waminda Services is one of the largest supplier of disability support services in the Surat Basin region and works with over 100 clients including around 20 children.

Waminda Services has strong support from the community and works effectively with local, state and federal agencies to provide accessible, localised services. Strong local community involvement ensures that services are targeted to best meet changing needs in the region.

Waminda Services provides:

  • Lifestyle support for people with a disability - quality of life, skills development and community access
  • Disability employment services
  • Community housing with a focus on disability
  • Early intervention services for families and children to support them through diagnosis and to plan for the future

The organisation provides high quality, coordinated services to clients, is quality assured to state and federal standards for disability services and works with a network of other service providers to fully meet clients needs.

Waminda Services has strong service delivery management and financial management capabilities to operate effectively under changing funding arrangements.

Host Provider Model

Waminda Services provide two plan management options which can be changed at each plan review or as required.

Fee Structure

Establishment fee - $950 once-off fee

Option 1

This is when a package is fully administered by Waminda on behalf of the individual. This option will have a 16% administration fee payable each quarter in advance. All departmental reporting and administration and regular reports for the client and their family/carer showing all expenditure for the period are covered in this option. The timeframe for reviewing the current plan and making adjustments to meet future needs and goals will be established at each review. One plan review every six months is covered in this option. Additional plan reviews can be arranged as required by the client and these will be charged out at Waminda's current hourly rate.

Option 2

This option is a partnership between client and service provider. A fee of between 7-12% is charged for administration of this option depending on the agreed amount of self-direction taken up by the client. This level of self direction will be determined during the initial meeting. An itemised monthly account to be paid within 7 days wil ldetail services provided to the client during that time. This invoice can also be used for lodgement as part of departmental administration and reporting requirements. Plan reviews are not covered in this option and will be arranged as required by the client at a cost of $200 per review or at Waminda's current hourly rate - whichever is the lesser.


Waminda can provide additional support and plan reviews above those set out in options 1 and 2 at an hourly rate based on the work required and the qualification of staff needed to perform the work. An account for these services will be issued at the time of provision which will need to be paid within 7 days. This service is provided by negotiation.


Plan set-up ($950 - once-off):

  • review of funding agreement and establish service requirements
  • initial consultation with client, their advocate and other stakeholders requested by the client to establish goals and outcomes
  • development of the plan with options for appropriate service delivery
  • consultation with the client around engaging suitable service providers and/or staff
  • assisting this engagement process as negotiated
  • reviewing purchase options and mentoring the client through the decisions
  • ensuring that all service options are in place and meeting expectations
  • set review timeline

Plan review (included in Option 1 - $200 per review in Option 2):

  • meet in person or by remote communication with the client and their advocates
  • gather feedback on how the plan is progressing - determine goals achieved, areas not meeting expectation and changed needs
  • identify changes to the plan that may be required to address the above issues and identify options for meeting the changed need
  • assist the client to assess service options and with the engagement process as negotiated
  • review purchase options and mentor the client through the decisions
  • ensure all service options are in place and meeting expectations
  • confirm review timeline

Service coordination (negotiable):
This service will be provided at Waminda's current charge-out rate and can be agreed on between the client and Waminda at any stage throughout this relationship. Among others, services could include:

  • coordinating service/product purchase
  • facilitating staff selection and training
  • ongoing case management
  • additional client training as required
  • other coordination services as identified during the planning stage

Note: All prices exclude GST, valid as at 1 January 2015 and are subject to periodic review. This should be considered a guide. A firm price will be determined for each client taking into account their particular needs.





Contact name:
Jenna Kennedy
Contact position:
Host Provider Coordinator
Contact phone:
07 4662 1434
Contact email:
Secondary contact name:
Susan Fisher
Secondary contact position:
Host Provider Coordinator
Secondary contact phone:
07 4662 1434
Secondary contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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