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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Warrina Services

Available to

Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, South to Warwick, North to Crowsnest, East to Lockyer Valley and West to Chinchilla

Target group

People with a disability, mental illness or dual diagnosis aged 0-65 years, their families and carers who:

  • meet eligibility requirements under the Disability Services Act (2006), and
  • are in receipt of individual, recurrent funding

Organisational Information

Warrina Services was established in 1986 to provide individual support services to people with disability in the Darling Downs region. We support people with a diverse range of needs and also provide specialist mental health services to support personal recovery. We are an approved provider of case management, coordination and development services.

We work to promote each person's potential for optimum growth and personal fulfilment, whilst nurturing community support, acceptance and integration. Our work is guided by our values and we uphold:

  • Pro-choice - people have the right to select their services, mainstream or disability specific; the right to make his/her own decisions and choices; the role of the services is to assist people to make informed choices
  • Valuing difference - each person is accepted as a unique individual; cultural and geographical backgrounds are recognised and our engagement, communication and services are tailored to respect and celebrate diversity
  • Same rights - people with disability have the same rights as all members of our society; free from obstruction, discrimination or injustice
  • Individualised needs - each person is able to identify, plan and direct their services to meet their specific requirements
  • Partnerships - that people are empowered to be actively involved in decision making processes, taking as little or as much responsibility as they are comfortable with. Staff partner with people to assist them to plan, implement and review their supports and services.

Host Provider Model

Our host provider services are supported by Warrina's operational and administrative functions. You will have access to a high quality service with the necessary safe guards to protect your financial and personal wellbeing, whilst maximising your self-direction. Warrina Services will support and encourage you to be the 'Director' of your plan.

As Host Provider Warrina will hold the funding on your behalf and manage the financial and reporting responsibilities, we will build your knowledge and skills so you have a full understanding of your finances. We will give you information on how the funds can be used, explain reporting procedures and provide copies of all financial documents. We will work in partnership with you to use all available resources for your maximum benefit.

The overarching principles of the Host service are: client directed, flexible to respond to individual needs and complimentary to each person's life. We aim to support you to achieve positive outcomes. These may be related to increasing levels of choice and independence, engaging in education or training, attending social activities, increasing skills, getting a job or contributing to your community.

All participants will be provided with information about options for informal and community supports in your area. You will choose how your funds will be used, selecting your preferred supports and providers and developing a plan. We will then write up a Support Plan Agreement that will be signed by you, Warrina Services, and all relevant stakeholders who will deliver services or provide support.

Fee Structure

Establishment fee

A once-off fee of $800 will provide up to 14 hours of Host services to assist you to develop your plan. This will be mostly face to face meetings but will provide time to research options, set up brokerage arrangements and signing the Support Plan Agreement.

Host/Coordination fee

$55 per hour
This is 'unit price' and is inclusive of all administration, planning and financial services.

Requests for ongoing coordination services may attract an additional charge but this would be discussed with you and the cost negotiated during the planning stage. The total fees charged by Warrina Services will be capped at a maximum of 7% of the annual funding after set up.

(Fees may be reviewed periodically in line with changes to award rates and indexation.)





Contact name:
Lyndel Bunter
Contact position:
Chief Executive Officer
Contact phone:
07 4638 0399
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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