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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Weeroona SelfDirect

Available to

Gympie/Cooloola region and surrounding districts.

Target group

People with disabilities aged between 0-65years and their families/carers who wish to self-direct their supports within the Your Life Your Choice initiative.

Organisational Information

Weeroona Association Inc is a not for profit community based organisation and has been delivering a range of flexible support services in the Gympie region for over 20 years; including Family Support Program, Support for School Leavers and Queensland Community Care.

We have a strong commitment to respectful, flexible, caring and empowering support that assists people to live the life of their choice and to be part of their community. We value the differences in people and everyone’s right to choice.

We will work in partnership with the person, their family and other nominated persons.

Host Provider Model

In a Host Provider arrangement, Weeroona SelfDirect administers the Your Life Your Choice funding and completes the required administrative and reporting requirements. The Person/Family will make the decisions about their level of self-direction and their use of their funding.

In an initial meeting with the person, their family and other nominated persons Weeroona SelfDirect will provide information about the service and how it may meet the Person/Family’s expectations and preferences.

As part of a Host Agreement, a Facilitator will work together with the person, their family and other nominated persons to establish a Personal Plan, Budget and Host Agreement. The Person/Family will choose how much or little they want the Facilitator to do.

The Personal Plan will include clear statements about:

  • goals
  • strategies to achieve those goals
  • a budget to support the strategies
  • roles and responsibilities of Weeroona SelfDirect
  • roles and responsibilities of the Person/Family
  • processes for reviewing and monitoring of the Personal Plan and Budget.

The Personal Plan and Budget will be personalised for the person. Weeroona SelfDirect will be able to assist with sourcing the best supports and services to meet the goals of the person and enable them to live the life they choose in their community. Flexibility is paramount in responding to changes in a person’s life and the Facilitator will work flexibly with families and individuals for best outcomes. Information and assistance regarding the employment of staff will be available.

Weeroona SelfDirect believes that future planning is important and will be available to provide information and support to the Person/Family for developing a Future Plan.
Weeroona SelfDirect is aiming to provide necessary information to safeguard people in their arrangements and to have user friendly administration processes for the Person/Family.
Weeroona SelfDirect endeavours to create a relationship between the Person/Family and the organisation that is respectful, mutually acceptable, sustainable and meets the need of the person.

Fee Structure

An initial meeting (free of charge) with the person, their family and other nominated persons allows an opportunity to share information about how the Person/Family’s expectations and preferences may be met by Weeroona SelfDirect.

Establishment fee

An Establishment Fee ($500) is charged once, to establish the hosting arrangements and:

  • to provide information,
  • to work together with the Person/Family in establishing the Personal Plan and Budget = how Your Life Your Choice funding can assist the Person,
  • to set up the systems and tools for the managing of the funds,
  • to finalise the agreement.

Administration fee

An Administration Fee is charged to enable the organisation to administer the funds and is linked to the level of self-direction.
The Administration Fee is a percentage of the total funding and the Level is dependent on the tasks the Organisation is requested to do. The Levels and the Administration Fee are designed to be flexible and can be customised.
Negotiations will take place during establishment of the arrangements to determine at what Level Weeroona SelfDirect is engaged by the Person/Family.

Minimum tasks Weeroona SelfDirect performs as the Host Provider include:

  • receiving and hosting the funds
  • keeping records of the funds received and expended
  • reporting to the Department as required by service agreement
  • providing monthly or quarterly statements of expenditure to the Person/Family as negotiated
  • undertaking an annual review of the Personal Plan and Budget with the Person/Family, more often if required
  • making adjustments to the support plan as instructed.

Administration Fee Level 1

4% of funding, includes the minimum tasks listed above.

Weeroona SelfDirect receives the person’s funding from the Department and transfers the funds, less the Administration Fee, monthly into the Person’s/Family’s separate bank account.
The Person/Family directs their supports, employs and pays their staff (takes responsibility for all Human Resource requirements) and pays Invoices.
At the end of the month the Person/Family provides Weeroona SelfDirect with receipts of funds spent to trigger the next instalment of funding to be transferred into their bank account.
or the Person/Family purchases their supports from Weeroona Association or another service provider and Weeroona SelfDirect receives the invoices from that Service Provider.

Administration Fee Level 2

6 -12% (negotiable) of funding, includes the minimum tasks listed above.

Weeroona SelfDirect receives the persons funding from the Department and may transfer the funds, less the Administration Fee, monthly into the Person’s/Family’s separate bank account or pay Invoices on the Person/Family’s behalf.

The Person/Family directs their service and asks for some support and assistance regarding record keeping, employing and paying their staff (taking responsibility for all Human Resource requirements). Weeroona SelfDirect may pay Invoices on behalf of the Person/Family or receive monthly reports and receipts from the Person/Family for reimbursement.

The fee in this level is negotiable and is designed to be flexible, for the Person/Family to choose their level of self-direction and to choose a greater level of self-direction at a later stage, if desired.

If a particular level does not continue to reflect the level of self-direction by the Person/Family, discussions will be held to negotiate an appropriate fee. Please enquire about the level of fees for larger packages.
Additional Facilitator hours can be requested by the Person/Family ($60 per hour).



98 303 739 972


Contact name:
Doris Knackmuss
Contact position:
YLYC Coordinator
Contact phone:
07 5482 2451
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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