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A Key for Me - Inclusion Plus Family Support Inc

Available to

Sunshine Coast and Somerset Region

Target group

All people with a disability aged 0 – 65 years.

Organisational Information

Inclusion Plus Family Support Inc has been providing tailor-made support, recreation programs and flexible respite options for people with disability and their families on the Sunshine Coast since 1987. We are committed to shaping the support we provide according to individual and families' needs so that we can assist them to meet their goals and aspirations.

In 2013 we became a Host Provider in partnership with the 'A Key for Me' group. A Key for Me has, for a number of years worked to develop innovative responses for individuals and their families and established a cooperative model where self-directed families work together to provide mutual support. A Key for Me recognises that everyone wants to be in control of their lives, not just to survive but to thrive! It's really had to do that on your own and the AK4M model provides a way of getting there in a mutual support environment with families working together.

Host Provider Model

We provide you with as much or as little assistance as you want. This means you only pay us for what you want us to do. We can assist you to either self-direct or self-manage your funds.

Self Direction
You can control who, when and where support is provided. You can employ staff or contractors, set rosters and reviewperformance or you can choose to have us do some or all of this for you. If you choose to manage all of this, then all we do as a Host Provider is hold your funds, process and pay invoices/timesheets, and take care of your reporting requirements to Disability Services.

Self Management
If you want to 'self manage' then you are responsible for all aspects of the process and hold your funds in your own bank account. We transfer funds to your account at the beginning of each quarter to pay for services providing during that quarter. As Host Provider we simply report your hours to Disability Services.

Independent Living
We specialise in supporting families to plan and implement independent living arrangements for your family member in their community of choice. We call people who live independently 'Keyholders'. We also support families to ensure your Keyholder's arrangement is successful by offering guidance and education in the following areas:

  • Independent Living Risk Management
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Creating natural relationships
  • Offering training for families and Keyholders

Community Inclusion
We can assist you to make information connections/networks in your community. We can also provide assistance with beginning a circle of support and/or strategies to keep connected with friends and family.

Engaging Staff
If required, we will assist you in the recruitment of staff and provide them with specialist training and development.

A Key for Me Family Community
The A Key for Me community consists of individuals with disability or Keyholders, families, friends, paid supporters and any members of the wider community who wish to play a positive part in families lives.

The A Key for Me community is a practical group with an elected Steering Committee that has an expectation that all members will participate in regular meetings to support each other by sharing their knowledge, experiences and successes. These get-togethers also allow families to share, create ideas, engage in conversations, gather information and together experience meaningful education.

Fee Structure

Under both our models we charge a once only establishment fee of $500. This fee goes towards the establishment of our relationship with you and includes developing a personal plan and an agreement that sets up the support you need.

We charge a general administration fee of $130 per quarter. This fee allows for 2 hours of coordination each quarter to undertake the ongoing administration of your funds and the reporting of your expenditure to Disability Services. Any other coordination and administration time will be charged on a fee-for-service basis along with other services you may require. Our fee structure allows us to cater equitable for the variety of individuals we support and levels of need required. Our Coordinator rate is $60 per hour and our Administrative Assistant rate is $45 per hour.

BAS and bookkeeping services are $65 per hour with estimated time of 15 minutes per employee per fortnight and $8 per invoice or transaction.





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Wayne Swadling
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07 5441 6600
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