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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Bowen Flexi Care

Available to

Whitsunday Region including Bowen, Collinsville, Proserpine, Airlie Beach and beyond

Target group

All people with a disability aged 0 – 65 years.

Organisational Information

Bowen Flexi Care Inc commenced providing services to people with disabilities in the Bowen region in 1995. The organisation was incorporated in March 1998. Bowen Flexi Care Inc. demonstrates a commitment to delivering innovative, cost effective services to clients/families and carers of people with disabilities within the Whitsunday Regional Shire and beyond. This service offers a range of individual/group support and specific programs that are been developed in consultation with individuals. Having demonstrated and sustained community partnerships over the past years, our aim is to provide families with access to community links, whilst building the social & emotional resilience of the person with a disability to develop independence and social networks.

Host Provider Model

Bowen Flexi Care Inc will offer a self-directed program that is tailored to meet individual needs so as to maximise the potential ability of the person with a disability; to take control and make their own choices about their support and their direction in life. Bowen Flexi Care Inc recognises that every person has unique support needs, and will need different levels of assistance to design and manage their supports.

As a Host Provider we will assist the person to determine how much control they want to have over the management of their funding, supports and service providers; and be able to change the amount of control over time as they choose.

The Your Life Your Choice framework reflects a spectrum of self-directed support. The spectrum takes into consideration that at one end people will want to take FULL responsibility for self-directing their supports (Model 1), while at the other end of the spectrum people will want to take LESS responsibility (Model 2).

Please note: As individuals feel more confident around the way they are able to support their funding and supports, they will be assisted to move from Model 2 to Model 1. Similarly, individuals will be able to choose to move down through the Models if they lack initial confidence.

Bowen Flexi Care Inc will adapt the model to provide as much or as little support and development as required for an Individual / family; and will develop a responsive model of support based on feedback from the individual.

The organisation will respect that capacity can change over time. If a person and/or family want to adapt their plan to increase responsibility towards self-directing their support, then they will be supported to do so.

Further details please refer to YLYC – Handbook for People with a Disability, their Families & Support networks

Fee Structure

Model 1 – Fully Self-Directed Model

The Individual / Nominee takes responsibility for all aspects of their Plan; including planning, budgeting, employment of staff, human resource requirements, insurance, legislative requirements and obligations.

BFC will act as a financial broker only – receive the funds from Disability Services and transfer them into a nominated bank account, less the administration fee. At the end of each month / quarter the individual / nominee will provide evidence of expenditure which generates the payment of the next month / quarter transfer of funds.

The Individual / Nominee will sign a service agreement clearly outlining levels of responsibility and accountability measures.

  • Establishment Cost (once off) - $500
  • Plan Management & Administration (Percentage of Package)- 6%
  • Service Coordination – Hourly rate, negotiable according to need

Model 2 – Individual takes limited responsibility for Self-Direction

The Individual / Nominee accepts limited responsibility for their support. The Individual / Nominee will actively participate in all aspects of the planning and making choices based on the goals and their assessed needs (service categories).

BFC will maintain the financial management of your funding and will facilitate the ongoing plan management, receive and acquit all funds and report on services. BFC will coordinate the purchase of goods and services as required.

The Individual / Nominee will sign a service agreement clearly outlining levels of responsibility and accountability measures.

  • Establishment Cost (once off) - $500
  • Plan Management & Administration (Percentage of Package)- 12%
  • Service Coordination – Hourly rate, negotiable according to need (up to 2hrs/wk for brokered and traditional support services)

Direct Support Services

A fee for service model is also available, where people may purchase traditional support services under a brokerage arrangement from Bowen Flexi Care.





Contact position:
Project Manager (Your Life Your Choice)
Contact phone:
07 4786 4755
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Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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