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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Breakaway Toowoomba

Available to

Toowoomba and Surrounds, Crow’s Nest, Murphy’s Creek and Oakey

Target group

Children and young people between 6 and 40 years, with a level of disability ranging between mild to severe, and their families.

Organisational Information

Breakaway Toowoomba is one of Toowoomba‘s oldest and best known service providers to families caring for a person with a disability. Established in 1989, Breakaway has been supporting people with a disability and their families for over 20 years. Breakaways aim is to ensure that a person with a disability and their family are valued, accepted and treated with respect and dignity whilst being encouraged to participate in the community.

Breakaway Toowoomba’s Vision and Mission are:


It is the vision of Breakaway Toowoomba to be recognised as a leading provider of services which facilitates and supports people with a disability and their families to conduct their everyday lives as valued members of our community.


To ensure people with a disability and their families are valued, accepted, treated with respect and dignity and supported to participate in their communities.

Host Provider Model

Breakaway Toowoomba’s self-directed program can be tailored to meet individual needs so as to maximise the person with a disability control to make their own choices about their support (self-direction) and their lives. Breakaway Toowoomba recognises that every person has unique support needs. Moreover each person is individual and will need different levels of assistance to design and manage their supports. Breakaway Toowoomba’s program ensures that the focus remains on the person, who is at the centre of all activity and decision making.

Key aims of the service:

  • Enhance social and community inclusion of children and young adults with physical disabilities.
  • The individual chooses the people who work with them including paid support workers and other people they know such as family, friends and neighbours. These people may also work with the individual on an unpaid basis, as part of their natural support network.
  • Linking people with disabilities participating in the program and their informal support with their local communities by creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and participation is a key to individuals’ wellbeing and increased resilience.
  • Use strengths of existing community networks to enable the person with disability’s independence and self-reliance.
  • The individuals Individual Plan has the flexibility to provide as many options as possible. This means activities occur at times and in ways that best suit their needs. The plan reflects a creative and flexible approach to developing support

Fee Structure

Fee structure based upon negotiation and level of responsibility that the individual with a disability or family desires

Full Responsibility

The Individual or family is fully responsible for all aspects of the support (planning, budgeting, and organisation). Funding is advanced to the person’s bank account.

  • Set up cost (once off) - $800
  • Administration Cost - (Percentage of Package)-5%
  • Plan Review - Part of the ongoing administration cost
  • Service Coordination - Part of the ongoing administration cost

Mostly Responsible

The person agrees to accept most of the responsibilities for the planning and organising of their support. The remainder is purchased. Funding administration to be negotiated

  • Set up cost (once off) - $800
  • Administration Cost - (Percentage of Package) -10%
  • Plan Review - $200
  • Service Coordination - Negotiable (minimum of 2hrs a week)

Partial Responsibility

The person accepts some responsibility, but less than the previous category, for planning, budgeting and organising their support.

  • Set up cost (once off) - $800
  • Administration Cost - (Percentage of Package) - 15%
  • Plan Review - $200
  • Service Coordination - Negotiable (minimum of 4hrs a week)

A number of services can be purchased from Breakaway and a full breakdown of costs is available on request.





Contact name:
David Boden
Contact position:
Executive Officer
Contact phone:
07 46395 100
Contact email:
Secondary contact name:
Debra Auchterlonie
Secondary contact position:
Client Services Suprtvisor
Secondary contact phone:
07 46395 100
Secondary contact email:

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