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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Break Thru People Solutions

Available to

Metro and greater Brisbane; Rockhampton, Gladstone and Capricorn Coast (inc. Biloela); Townsville, Whitsunday and Mackay; Far North, Cairns, Tablelands and North West

Target group

All people with disability aged 0-65

Organisational Information

Break Thru is a national not-for-profit organsiation committed to empowering people to create their own futures. Through the provision of high quality person-centric programs, we enable thousands of people every year to address mental health, employment, disability, homelessness and training needs.

Break Thru operates on the premise that everyone's needs, preferences and aspirations are different. Our commitment to client choice and family inclusion is well demonstrated through our individualised services and person-centred principles. We have a specific focus on assisting those most in need and offer specialist programs for:

  • people with disability, injury or illness
  • people with psycho-social disability
  • children, young people, and families, early intervention

Our vision is to be the leading person centred champion, courageously promoting the value, potential and inclusion of all people in the life of their community.

Our core purpose is to help people realise their right to be included in and contribute to their community.

Break Thru is proud to offer dedicated and culturally considered programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, refugee and migrant populations and other culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

Break Thru's pursuit of excellence is evidenced by our unwavering commitment to person-centred planning and individualised support. Our services are distinguished by our ethos of customer choice and customer control. The customer will choose the service and the customer will choose who provides that service. Family and carers are a respected and valued contribution to program development, implementation and evaluation.

Host Provider Model

Break Thru is passionate about creating opportunities for promoting the value, potential and inclusion of all people in the life of their community.

Our 'I am Able' philosophy enables you to do this with a focus on:

  • The Person First - supporting and building your capacity to self-direct your personal life journey
  • Respect and Participation - affording real choices and promoting participation across all aspects of life
  • Strong Engagement and Inclusion
  • Focus on the Whole Life Space - understanding you in the context of your whole self rather than just your disability

You can choose your preferred experiences and support. You can purchase support directly from Break Thru or we can support you to purchase these services yourself. With over 25 years experience in the disability sector and links to a host of services and providers, Break Thru empowers thousands of individuals, families and carers every year to create their own futures.

Providing guidance and support, Break Thru can assist you to develop your confidence and capacity to manage your own funded supports in your plan or we can do it for you. We tailor our services to meet your needs, to assist you to live the life you want! We can provide as little or as much intervention as required to build your capacity to assit you to execute your plan.

We will also check your progress on a regular basis and ask for your feedback about how we are performing too! This will help us to provide not on the best, but the right service for you as the director of your care. We will also report back in to you on how your funds are going and make sure all our service touch points (like planning and your financials) are fine. We will make adjustments in how we support you as your skills and capabilities grow. Ensuring you build independence and confidence in the decisions you are making about your life.

So make contact and let's start the conversation. Work with us as your host provider to coordinate, develop and deliver the disability services and support you want. What does your future hold?

Fee Structure

Fees are required to ensure the ongoing operation of our services to you. Break Thru is a not-for-profit community business, so income is reinvested into infrastructure, workforce development and services rather than dispersed to investors. Our fees also ensure Break Thru has the resources to conduct business responsibly and ethically, while adhering to industry standards and maximising a culture of continuous improvement.

Establishment - $70 per hour

Break Thru will customise the establishment fee according to the time we need to spend with you to get your supports and service right! We will only charge you for the time we spend ewith you, plus any administration time we need to work on your plan. This time will be charged at a standard rate from $70 per hour.

The standard services we will provide as part of the establishment process will include:

  • support of a consultant
  • a handbook for self-direction and management, other documents and templates
  • information about human resources/industrial assistance, insurances, financial, legal advice
  • access to information workshops

Customised Assistance

If you require more intensive support with a specially qualified therapeutic member of our staff, or for assistance over and above plan specifications, the cost will be customised to ensure cost efficiences and will be charged between $70-$150 per hour pending the type of support request.
Customising payments will ensure costs to customers are fair and equitable and relate directly to the cost of the specific service customers purchase. This ensures best value to the customer and that Break Thru covers their costs in the delivery of expert services.

Plan Administration - 12% of the funding package

Break Thru will charge 12% per annum to administer your plan. Work undertaken by Break Thru will be clearly stated and signed by all parties in a service agreement.

The standard services we will provide as part of the plan administration process includes:

  • planning and review
  • case coordination
  • case management
  • training and mentoring for participants
  • services to assist a participant to employ their own workers

Fees and charges are subject to change.





Contact name:
Michael Trimble
Contact position:
Team Leader
Contact mobile:
0407 594 080
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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