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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Bundaberg Y for Life

Available to

Bundaberg regional area, Gladstone and the Discovery Coast, the North Burnett and the Fraser Coast.

Target group

All people with a disability, including intellectual, physical and mental illness, from ages 0 to 65.

Organisational Information

Bundaberg Y for Life is an arm of the YMCA of Bundaberg Inc. YMCA Bundaberg is a not-for-profit incorporated charity with a stable reputation earned from more than 15 years spent supporting community members with a disability. Our success comes from valuing what we do and valuing the people we support. YMCA Bundaberg has along tradition of supporting better healthier outcomes and holds a holistic view of wellbeing which encompasses body, mind and spirit. Working to maximise people's opportunities to achieve their life goals is paramount to everything we do.

We believe better outcomes rely on better access - access to the right resources, access to responsive not generic support planning, and access to greater understanding from the community we share. That is why Bundaberg YMCA strives to not only empower and resource the people with work with, but also to advocate understanding in the broader community.

Host Provider Model

Your Life Your Choice is an opportunity to have more choice about your supports and your future. Deciding on a host provider is your first choice. To assist in making your decision, Bundaberg Y for Life believe in being upfront about what we offer, what fees would be involved, and how we can meet your needs.

We don't offer “off the rack” solutions and cannot try to plan a way forward until we truly understand what your needs, goals and aspirations are. That is why our initial consultation is free of charge.

Step 1

The first step of delivering our service is listening to the needs of those who we are working with. A meeting with an individual consultant will first focus on discussing your goals and what part you want us to play in building a pathway to them. Minimal support, moderate support or intensive support are all options within our model, with fees based on involvement levels.

Step 2

If you like what we do, planning a way forward can include the co-creation of a plan and finding the resources, equipment, care or recruiting personnel that will make that plan reality. Our level of involvement in your plan can vary greatly depending on your wishes.

Step 3

Reporting your choices to your government funder is a regular responsibility of self-directed funding. Bundaberg Y for Life support can include the payments of invoices and quarterly reporting and acquittals which are required. Depending on how much support you choose, other accountabilities such as staff management including wages, insurances, superannuation and taxation considerations etc can also be undertaken by us if you prefer. Your Bundaberg Y for Life consultant will work with you to explore which options best suit your needs.

Fee Structure

Initial consultation

A Bundaberg Y for Life consultant will meet with the client, family and/or carer to provide information, in accessible formats, regarding the BYFL host provider service. This will include the range of supports available, ascertaining the level of involvement desired; the associated fee structures, etc. A quote will then be provided for the self-directed support level identified in the consultation.

Fee: No cost for initial consultation.

Option 1 - Basic hosting and reporting support

Suitable for: People who intend to predominantly create their own individual plan and require minimal ongoing BYFL support. BYFL support may include payments of supplied invoices and quarterly reporting and acquittals.

Fee: 5-6% of total funding package.

Option 2 - Hosting, reporting and plan creation and partial management

Suitable for: Those who would prefer to co-create a plan but manage most aspects of their funding. BYFL support may include payments of invoices and quarterly reporting and acquittals as well as plan co-creation. This suits people who would like greater information regarding the supports, services and recruitment options they can use to action their plan.

Fee: 7-10% of total funding.

Option 3 - Case Management support

Suitable for: People who wish to co-create a plan and engage supports with the intensive assistance of a host consultant. BYFL support will include payments of invoices and quarterly reporting and acquittals as well as plan co-creation. Further, accessing resources and equipment, staff recruitment including screening and suitability as well as staff management and monitoring (including wages, insurances, superannuation and taxation considerations etc can be provided for clients in option 3.

Fee: 10-15% of total funding.

A fee-for-service of $70 per hour will apply for any additional work requested by the client outside the agreed plan.





Contact name:
Melinda Everett
Contact position:
Community Services Manager
Contact phone:
07 4132 8223
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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