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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Caboolture Family Network (CFN)

Available to

Our services will be available within Caboolture and surrounding suburbs.

Target group

The services provided by Caboolture Family Network (CFN) are accessible to people regardless of gender, religion or nationality, who are aged between 0 – 65 years, who have a permanent disability.

Organisational Information

CFN was established in 2003 as a family support service. CFN’s mission is to support people with disabilities and their families in strengthening and respectful ways. Our vision is for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in a valued and rewarding life.

CFN understands the dreams that parents and or carers have for their sons and daughters with disabilities are no less than the dreams they and other parents share for their children without disabilities.

CFN is a community organisation that is family focused, person centred and community connected. It is one of many community organisations that actively work towards a better community where an individual with a disability is included.

CFN use its extensive experience in brokering services and using sub-contractors to provide guidance to families in the management of their self-directed funds

Host Provider Model

Caboolture Family Network acknowledges and respects the fact that a person with a disability, their family and/or carer are capable of managing and participating in their own individual support management. Therefore in consultation with families, CFN can develop services based on needs as identified by the person with the disability, their family/carer.

  • Face to face planning with Case Manager;
  • Services that are tailored to suit the family’s individual needs;
  • Knowledge of community support networks within the Caboolture and surrounding areas, giving families the opportunity to link into other formal or informal networks;
  • Skilled, flexible and reliable staff;
  • Individualised Case Management support;
  • Individualised Support Plans reviewed quarterly for the first year and least every twelve months thereafter (or sooner as required by the person and their family members);
  • Planning tools ie PATH, Circles of Support;
    *Administration ie Payroll, IT support, budgeting and invoicing, data entry and documentation, quarterly statements of expenditure, finance management to facilitate an accountable and robust process for the allocation purchasing and reporting of funds against individual support plans;
  • Human resources ie staff recruitment & management, staff training, conflict resolution, OH&S;
  • Information to make sure you are safe guarded in your arrangements;
  • Management of purchase of goods and services as required by the family.

Fee Structure

Costs for each host arrangement and what this will purchase

Cost of each host arrangement will be dependent upon the service each client requires. We anticipate the initial engagement will require approximately two hours (no charge). Further case management would be charged at an hourly rate: $62.00 (GST incl).

Administrative fees

The cost of monitoring client expenditure and reporting on their expenses would be negotiated with each individual client at the time of engagement. The cost would be dependent upon the complexity and quantity of our involvement. Administrative cost could be up to 15% of funds administered or alternatively charged at an hourly rate.

Additional Costs

Any additional services will be provided at a charge out rate dependent upon the expertise required. Quotations will be provided for each service outlined below:

An example of additional costs may be, but are not limited to:

  • Administration and Finance;
  • Staff recruitment (advertising, training etc.);
  • Conflict resolution;
  • OH&S;
  • Planning tools;
  • Behavioural support (non-clinical);
  • Informal Advocacy;

Use of the Provider’s Services

CFN also offers other services that include:

  • In home support
  • Community access support
  • Short term centre-based respite support
  • Host Family support
  • Vacation care support
  • Building Independent Living Skills Program
  • Planning Tools





Contact name:
Debbie Mansbridge
Contact position:
Service Manager
Contact phone:
07 5495 6160
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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