Your Life Your Choice Host Providers - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers


Available to

Scenic Rim and Somerset Region

Target group

All people with a disability aged 0-65 years.

Organisational Information

CARINITY COMMUNITIES offers friendly flexible support to people and their families in the Scenic Rim and Somerset communities. We offer the level of support you need for you and your family to plan for and get the best possible life from self-directed funding and support. Contact our Coordinator on 07 5463 2966 to discuss how we can help.

Host Provider Model

Carinity commits to excellent, timely, responsive, and flexible self-directed support. We will support you to plan and control your self-directed funding with as little or as much help as you need.

We will meet with you and your family to discuss your needs, goals and visions for the future. We will provide information and discuss the range of supports and services currently available or that need to be sourced to meet your needs.

Together, we will develop a Support Plan that meets your preferred level of self-direction, your current support needs, and works towards your goals and visions for a good life. The Plan will detail supports and services to be provided, who will source, who the service provider will be, and who will pay for each support or service.

You may choose to organise and pay for all of your supports; or have us manage some or all supports and pay the service providers for you.

The Support Plan is a living document that can change to meet changes in your individual circumstances. For example, you may have an Initial Support Plan with a goal of moving to independent living; the next Support Plan may then focus on accessing in-home support services to enable you to realise your vision of an independent good life.

Together we will review your plans as your needs change. The Initial Plan will be reviewed after the first month and then less frequently as required. It is Your Choice!

Fee Structure

Initial Consultation including initial support plan

  • Support Folder providing information and resources;
  • Meeting with the Customer and family
  • Discussion of the person's and family‚Äôs needs, goals and aspirations;
  • Supports and services available and/or needing to be provided
  • Initial support plan.

Up to 7 hours: $500 + GST
Additional per hour: $43.26+ GST

Information, Advocacy and Referral Services

  • As requested by the person and family

Per hour: $43.26 + GST

Support Plan Reviews

  • Initial review one month after establishment then as required
  • Maximum period between reviews 12 months

Per hour: $43.26 + GST

Accounts and Administration Support

  • Reimbursements, invoices and advances and other services as requested by the person and family.

Per hour: $43.26 + GST

Other supports and services

  • As requested by the person and family
  • As specified in the support plan

To be invoiced @ cost + GST if applicable.

If information provided by the Customer or a representative of the Customer is used by Carinity to determine the fees applicable under this Agreement, and such information is later found to be inaccurate, the Customer will reimburse Carinity for any loss of income arising out of the inaccuracy of the information and the future fees will be calculated using the corrected information.





Contact name:
Janelle Heyse
Contact position:
Manager Youth and Community Services
Contact phone:
07 3550 3727
Contact mobile:
0458 212 051
Contact email:
Secondary contact name:
Kathy Van Der Meulen
Secondary contact position:
Your Life Your Choice Coordinator
Secondary contact phone:
(07) 5463 2966

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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