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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

CASSI (Community and Specialist Support Inc)

Available to

CASSI’s Host Provider service is available in the Gold Coast local government area

Target group

CASSI’s services are available for people with a disability regardless of diagnosis and level of support required. It should be noted that CASSI has an established expertise in supporting people with high and complex care needs.

Organisational Information

CASSI is a community based disability support service which has been operating on the Gold Coast since 1989 and in Northern NSW since 2002. We provide a range of services which are individually designed to respond to the specific needs of each person we support.
We support people to live well in their homes and to enjoy the benefits that come from being included within their community. Our commitment to those objectives is firm and enthusiastically embraced across our service.

CASSI also has an established reputation for being able to work well with people who have high and complex care needs. Our commitment to excellence is clear and sustained. CASSI provides quality support to enrich the lives of people with a disability.

Host Provider Model

We are passionate about individuals having a real choice and ability to influence all areas of their lives. YLYC is an example whereby this is possible for individuals and their families in our community. YLYC will offer the opportunity to people with a disability and their families to be directly involved in guiding their funded and natural supports, with the assistance of CASSI as a Host Provider.

As a Host Provider CASSI is able to offer a range of supports and assistance to people wishing to participate in the YLYC program, on the Gold Coast.

Planning: A good plan is unique and one that is developed and driven by individuals, families and support from friends. It is essential that plans capture a person’s lifestyle preference and where a person intends to head in the coming year. The act of planning also provides a chance to consider and evaluate the many options that are available. At CASSI we also use this time as a chance to explore with the individual and those important to them what strengths and values they have and how they might be interested in how they can add value to their community. This is obviously discussed within the context of how can the available resources support those ambitions?

Financial responsibilities: Each person who chooses to participate in YLYC, and their family, will also decide what level of financial management responsibilities they wish to undertake. CASSI is able to negotiate with each person the level and type of involvement to be undertaken and that which would be undertaken by CASSI. We pride ourselves at CASSI as being flexible to an individual’s needs and that includes the level of involvement they wish us to have. We encourage and support families and individuals to have as much responsibility as they are able to during their planning and this would be no different in regards to their financial management responsibilities.

Recruiting staff: Similar to the issues around financial responsibilities, each person who chooses to participate in YLYC, will also decide what level of involvement they will wish to undertake in the recruitment of their staff. CASSI will negotiate with each person the level and type of involvement they seek in recruiting their staff and encourage and support their involvement where they are wishing to participate.

Supporting community connections: As mentioned in planning we are enthusiastic in encouraging opportunities for individuals and their families to consider their communities. This includes how they can add to the diversity and strengths their community currently offers and what they can also gain and experience from their community. Opportunities for connecting with our communities are vast and are most successful when shared with people who have similar interests.

Selecting a specialist disability service: CASSI will also be able to work with each person involved in YLYC their family and chosen supportive friends, to select specialist disability services for support, where that is a part of their needs, wishes and strategies in the plan. There are many considerations in the selection of the best available service; and CASSI, from its experience in the field, is well placed to assist in extrapolating which service may be able to assist and best meet any additional needs or wishes.

Reviewing the performance of a specialist disability service: CASSI is also able to offer the critically important role of evaluating the performance of a specialist disability service; to review the effectiveness of the service and its on-going suitability. Where CASSI has been chosen as the service to provide support, then this review function will be extended to include others, who are independent of CASSI. This review would of course be done in conjunction with the individual, their family and support networks where requested or necessary.

Fee Structure

One of the strengths of the Your Life Your Choice program and funding framework is that it can be tailored to respond to the needs of each person involved. CASSI’s approach to developing a fee structure is to negotiate on a case by case basis the type and scope of the management support that each person may wish to use.

  • If the person with a disability and / or their family are ready, willing and able to self direct their support, then that option is available. This option attracts the lower level of fees. In this case we anticipate a planning support component of around $500; which includes the development of a plan and budget for the coming year. The on-going component is a flat 8% to provide financial management and brokerage services.
  • If the person with a disability and / or their family would prefer to engage CASSI as a Host Provider on a more comprehensive basis (Case, package and financial management support) then that option is also available. The involvement of all participants in a planning process would be negotiated with CASSI involvement at $55 per hour. The planning process would produce a more comprehensive plan and associated budget for the coming year. The ongoing component is a flat 15% to provide case, package and financial management.

CASSI’s YLYC approach is to see where each person involved is positioned in terms of ability, capacity and wishes regarding the management of their services. To assist in this we have developed a financial planning tool that is available to all participants to assist in their decisions around support and associated costs (including fee structure for Host Provider services).





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Sharon Wrigley
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Senior Service Manager
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07 5562 3800
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Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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