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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

CODA South Association Inc. - My Way

Available to

MY Way services are available to those living in City of Brisbane, Redlands City, City of Ipswich, Logan City, and Gold Coast City.

Target group

  • Adults with a disability, 18 years -65 years old
  • Young adults 16-18yrs old.

Organisational Information

Operating since 1991, CODA South Assoc. Inc is a Brisbane based, not for profit organisation supporting individual’s 18-65 years, with a disability to live valued lives.

CODA South fully supports and recognises individual’s ability to make their own choices and decisions. We work with individuals and families to develop plans for support that recognises those choices and facilitates opportunities for growth and change.

Host Provider Model

CODA’s MY Way host provider model aims to ensure our services focus on the individual, their needs, aspirations and the choices they make about their lives.

MY Way recognises that self-directed support gives individuals and their support network the opportunity of a greater expression of their choices and is founded on the beliefs that individuals and their support networks know what will best meet their support needs.

Our model supports individuals to:

  • Direct the planning process to the greatest extent possible and make their own choices about how they wish to live their life, and who they need to be involved to exercise their choices
  • Plan in a way that respects the needs of family members and carers and their role in the person's life
  • Be assisted (where requested) to identify goals and the way these can be achieved
  • Assist to develop an individual plan to allocate resources/purchases based on their needs.
  • Explore supports that are flexible and wide-ranging, whilst still adhering to allocation and reporting requirements.
  • Be included and fully participate in community life
  • Be supported around budgeting, planning, recruitment, and training of staff where requested
  • Choose how much or how little assistance they require from MY Way along the self directed support spectrum.

To support individuals and their support network to self direct, and manage (wholly or partially) their funding, three alternative options are available through MY Way. We provide each individual with a ‘manual’ or Handbook and assist them to navigate through options available to them in self-directing or managing funding.

By having this comprehensive manual, it allows individuals to be thoroughly informed and therefore make their own decisions and choices for support, determine their individual, needs, wants and desired outcomes.

Our review process will be largely determined by the individual. They will determine if their plan still meets their needs or if they wish to increase or decrease their level of self direction. Individuals have the choice and flexibility to change their plan as and when they need to.

Fee Structure

Initial Consultation: Nil

Initial meeting to discuss supports, future goals and level of involvement individual requires from MY Way. MY Way will provide an overview of its ‘Menu of Services’ and options available to individuals

Establishment fee: $650


  • Plan of Support and confirmation of Support Package determined.
  • Formulating a Service Agreement. outlining key roles for all support networks;
  • face-to-face meetings, telephone support
  • budget template and training
  • MY Way Handbook
  • USB stick with appropriate documentation – eg. factsheets, legislation, forms

Tier One: 10% administration charge

Includes: hosting of funding; direct debit payments to your account; monthly statements; quarterly reporting; planning sessions and review.

Tier Two: 10% plus Options packages at negotiated fees

Includes all of Tier One plus you may like to choose, any or some, additional supports tailored to meet your needs:
Admin/accounts –brokerage; purchasing; payroll
HR support – recruitment, inductions, professional development, performance management, staff training
Case management – bi-annual reviews, consultation, ongoing budgeting

Tier Three: 25%, all the above plus all optional extras

Include Tier One and all negotiated extras.

*Direct support staff is fee for service.





Contact name:
Louise Daly
Contact position:
Contact phone:
07 3393 0766
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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