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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Community Connection

Available to

All of Queensland.

Target group

People with a disability of all ages who share the values and philosophies of Community Connection- one-to-one support, no disability-group specific activities.

Organisational Information

Community Connection Inc has a proven track record of 21 years working with individuals and families - one person at a time - and we pride ourselves on seeing the potential of every person in their own right, regardless of the level of their disability.
We support over 30 people with disabilities using a developmental approach. We believe that individuals and families are best placed to make important decisions about their lives. Our role is to support those decisions and to give information and guidance to inform those choices.
The management team are long term Townsville residents and are embedded in the Townsville community and have a comprehensive understanding of what is available – services, opportunities and networks.

We believe that the work of our support staff extends deeper than just a ‘carer’ role and that is why we describe them as ‘Lifestyle Assistants’. They are chosen for their wealth of life experience, a good match to the individual and their vision and values.
We believe that relationships are the foundation of a good life and the role of a service is to nurture opportunities to develop these relationships.

Our Mission Statement is:

-> “Community Connection Inc promotes a meaningful life in the community: Your voice – Your choice” <-

Host Provider Model

Connecting Up- the name of our Host Provider service - maximises family/individual control over how support is offered. We work collaboratively with individuals and families and believe that flexibility and choice are the cornerstones of a good service. We acknowledge that every family culture is unique and planning is provided within this framework.

We have strong community based networks and we utilise these networks to achieve the best outcomes and the most ordinary life for people within the community.

Our management team has long standing experience in individualised funding models and the financial requirements that are involved. We have proven outcomes from successful planning within a self-directed model:

“Community Connections have provided us with the support, resources, and all the information that we have needed and I am very thankful for that” - a parent who currently is self-directing their son’s service through us.

Our workshops are delivered through a variety of modes at the start of our working relationship. We will offer advice and support, both formally and informally, particularly in the implementation stage.

We can offer a total service or can assist you in finding your support solutions elsewhere in the community. There is the opportunity for people to change their support arrangements according to their life stages and family needs - for example, you can change from a self- directed model to a more traditional service, vice versa or a combination of arrangements.

Fee Structure

Community Connection Inc will charge an initial set up fee of:

  • $1500 for packages less than $40,000
  • $2000 for packages over $40,000

This fee will include:

  • Support to get established,
  • Initial workshops offering training in human resources, finances, planning and legal requirements
  • Handbook and spreadsheets for reporting.

These fees can be negotiated depending on the level of expertise of the family or individual and level of funding.

An 8% administration fee is charged annually if the family/individual chooses to use a self-directed model. This covers all financial reporting, account management and occasional telephone contact.

Ongoing assistance and consultation will be charged at $60/hour. This will include more intensive assistance and advice, for example – phone or in-person advice to address a complex human resource issue such as termination of an employee contract.



31 889 956 172


Contact name:
Ann Greer
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Contact phone:
(07) 4779 6500
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Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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