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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Endeavour Foundation

Available to


Target group

All people with disability aged 0-65 years.

Organisational Information

Endeavour Foundation provides individualised and person centred opportunities and support through a range of services across Queensland and in New South Wales including:

  • Case Management for Chronic Health and Aging
  • Education
  • Post School Options
  • Learning & Lifestyle Support
  • Supported Employment
  • Accommodation Support
  • Respite Children & Youth Services
  • Assisted Holidays
  • Resources
  • Advocacy
  • Aged Care Packages
  • Support & Information for families and carers

For more detailed information about the services provided, their locations and how to access them by please visit our website or contact one of our offices near you.

Host Provider Model

Endeavour’s case management model makes sure that a person with a disability and their family is able to exercise more choice and control about how a person is supported, who supports them and when, and how funding that they receive for necessary and reasonable supports is directed and managed. A person, their needs and opinions is central to decision making and family members are recognised for their role, rights and responsibilities.

Recognising that people not only have individual needs, aspirations and goals for their life but different ideas about the type of activities and supports that are going to provide the best chance for achieving them Endeavour’s level and type of involvement in your self directed planning and service can be varied through discussions with you. Endeavour’s host provider service is based on the values of choice, individuality and social inclusion.

People who use this service can choose to involve Endeavour in a very limited way by deciding to accept responsibility for the planning, budgeting and organisation of support, or they can ask Endeavour to take responsibility for some of the responsibilities.

Endeavour has a 60 year history of not only working with people with a disability, their families and the community, but also with Government Departments around funding matters. Endeavour can assist people to ensure that the legal, financial, accountability and human resources issues relating to self-directed funding are addressed and provide information and education to build a person’s capacity to increase the level of control they exercise in these areas.

Agreements with Endeavour to purchase services can be varied and changed in response to a person’s needs.

Fee Structure


$500 one-off fee. This is a mandatory fee and includes the establishment of host provider services and some support to complete your first support plan and budget.

Tier 1

Administration fee is 5% of the total funding grant. This administration fee includes providing you with monthly statements and receiving government grants, paying invoices for agreed supports and services, and managing reporting requirements on your behalf.

Tier 2

Administration fee is 7.5% of the total funding grant. This administration fee includes services outlined in Tier 1 and some ongoing support coordination services. The level of support coordination services will be negotiated and outlined in the Host Provider Agreement.

One-off or additional support coordination services - $60 per hour. This support coordination fee includes individual capacity building and support to identify, organise and manage supports and services on your behalf.

Fees and charges are reviewed on an annual basis.





Contact name:
Sam Nazemi
Contact position:
Programme Coordinator - Choice + Connect
Contact mobile:
0417 334 323
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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