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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Equity Works Association Inc

Available to


Target group

We can office services to people with a disability aged 0 to 65 years.

Organisational Information

Since 2001, Equity Works has been delivering services to people with a disability living on the Sunshine Coast. We have capacity to provide individualised service across Queensland.

Host Provider Model

Our Host Provider service, Equity Works - For Me will work with individuals and families in a personalised way.

The important first steps will be: consultation to establish what the individual is requiring; planning in a creative way about the best way to establish a budget that addresses the goals of the person; and provide ongoing support that is tailored for (and requested by) the person.

Equity Works - For Me is committed to partnering with people to achieve the goals a person has identified during planning; within the guidelines available for self-directed funding.

We will ensure that all reporting requirements are understood and able to be met by a person, however we also have the capacity to deliver highly skilled supports in all areas of: subcontracting, recruitment and staffing, case management and coordination.

Fee Structure

For everyone

Free consultation

A free consultation of up to one hour is offered to all persons interested in engaging with Equity Works - For Me.
This provides:

  • an initial assessment of whether we are the appropriate provider and where appropriate provide an individualised written quote.

Establishment fee

An establishment fee of $300 provides:

  • our participation, with you, to develop your plan in a PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) planning model OR to provide you with person-centred tools to develop a plan framework OR to review your existing person-centred plan with you.
  • the set-up of administrative processes to ensure accountability to you and the funding body as per guidelines for Your Life Your Choice.

Administration fee

Equity Works - For Me will charge 8% of individual funding packages. To ensure equity, for packages over $70 000 this percentage rate will be reduced on a sliding scale (to be provided as part of the individualised quote at Step 1. This provides:


  • Annual review of self direction plans including feedback on overall service and supports and achievement of goals and visions.

Administrative functions

  • Processing invoices to goods and services accessed in accordance with your planned budget.
  • Completing individualised financial reporting to the funding body as per legislative requirements and service agreements.
  • Individualised financial reporting to the individual as per planned agreements.

Capacity Building and Connecting

  • Provision of information to the individual and family about formal and informal developmental opportunities - self advocacy, events, workshops, forums, social gatherings, educational, skills development and mentoring opportunities.

Extras for you to choose

All coordinator and management services will be available at $58 per hour. No charges will be incurred without the written agreement of the decision-maker. Services available include:

  • Brokerage: working with you to connect to the right service.
  • Coordination and Case Management: individualised coordination and case managing services, sourcing, setting up and supervising individualised arrangement (as per established plans and budgets).
  • Human Resources: the wide spectrum of engaging with paid workers from entry through to exit. Recruitment processes, training, supervision, and also workplace health and safety. (To remain consistent with our intentions Equity Works - For Me will not undertake recruitment processes without your involvement).

Should you decide to engage staff of your choice under the auspice of Equity Works it is our requirement that all staff will be paid as per Award requirements. Where this option is utilised you will be offered full disclosure as to the costs associated.

Equity Works - For Me will review all fees each financial year and any increases will be advised 3 months prior to implementation.





Contact name:
Stephanie Whelan
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Contact phone:
07 5441 2122
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Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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