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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

FlexAbility Support Association Inc

Available to

Cassowary Coast Region and north to Babinda

Target group

All people with disability aged 0-65 years.

Organisational Information

FlexAbility is a pro-active community based organisation that has been providing highly individualised support to people with disability and their families in the Cassowary Coast region and north to Babinda since 1991.

FlexAbility has a strong focus on facilitating valued and respected roles for each individual, strengthening people's capacity to have a vision for a meaningful life and achieving it, and promoting relationship networks to enrich people's lives.

Our direct support services are provided one to one and are set up with each person and their family to ensure maximum choice and control. People choose when their support is, what their goals are, where they go, which workers they use, and what areas they do and don't want their workers to be involved in on a daily basis.

Host Provider Model

FlexAbility is experienced in working collaboratively with individuals and their families to produce plans that incorporate the goals and desires of the individual with their needs and those of their family. Where there is no family involved, all stakeholders are welcome in all planning processes. FlexAbility's planning process is always conducted with the intent of ensuring that you retain power and control of your life and that your disability services and supports are a tool for you to use.

A free initial consultation meeting is held to give you the opportunity to find out whether FlexAbility is the right service to meet your needs.

At the beginning of the hosting arrangement, FlexAbility will hold a discussion with you (and your family if applicable) to develop a plan, budget and hosting agreement. Together we will determine the level of support you require and choose a hosting option that suits you. We will also work out the best way for you to record and submit financial and support details and how we will monitor the plan and expenditure.

The plan and agreement will be reviewed annually (or more often if requested) to ensure that it is working well and meeting your disability support needs and goals.

If you are using FlexAbility as your host provider and you want to purchase direct support services from FlexAbility, a separate support agreement will be developed.

Fee Structure

Initial consultation meeting will be free.

Establishment - $800

FlexAbility will charge a setup fee of $800 to cover time and materials for the following services:

  • development of plan, budget and agreement
  • information session about planning, human resources and industrial relations, legal requirements, insurance, financial management and reporting (Self-management Handbook)
  • development of tailored support and financial tracking tools for you

Support options

There are two standard hosting options for you to choose from. During the planning process you have the option to modify your support option and negotiate the fee accordingly.

Option 1 - Basics - fee for the first year 8% of the funding package, then 6% ongoing

FlexAbility will receive, hold and distribute the funds monthly to the nominated account, monitor expenditure, and complete quarterly acquittals and reports.

Option 2 - Basics Plus - fee for the year is 8% of the funding package

This option includes everything in Basics, plus FlexAbility will perform all or the majority of the financial transactions.

In addition to the two standard options are coordination for services such as preparing for the NDIS, linking with support service or attending meetings in an advocacy capacity will be charged at $60 per hour.
Human resource services such as recruitment, worker supervision and performance management will be charged at $60 per hour.




Contact name:
Tara Woollett
Contact position:
Contact phone:
07 4061 6250
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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