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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

FOCAL Community Living Inc.

Available to

Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Somerset and Brisbane

Target group

All people with a disability aged 0-65 years

Organisational Information

FOCAL Community Living Inc has provided support and opportunities to people with a disability, their families and carers in the Ipswich region since 1974. Focal provides a wide range of individual, group and community supports and services with a commitment to meeting individual needs.

Focal's values

  • Putting clients, carers and families first
  • Providing safe, encouraging and inclusive care
  • Being open, transparent and ethical
  • Being flexible, collaborative and innovative

Host Provider Model

Focal is committed to providing a supportive, flexible service to individuals and families self-directing their funding. Choice and control over the level and type of support accessed sits with the individual. The core elements of the Focal self-directed service model include:

Stage 1: Exploring Options

  • Focal's Self Directed and Community Facilitator will meet with participants and/or their families to discuss how self-direction can work for the individual
  • Focal will provide an overview of their services, supports, potential roles and costs
  • Together, needs, aspirations, goals, supports and priorities will be explored prior to developing an individual plan

Stage 2: Creating Your Plan

  • An individual plan and budget will be developed for Focal to endorse. Focal's level of involvement in developing the plan will vary according to individual's needs.
  • The plan sets individuals and/or families to ensure items identified in the plans meet the eligibility criteria of YLYC and are within the perons assessed service category from Disability Services.
  • Focal's 'My Plan' format can be used to ensure individuals are capturing their present situation, goals (short, medium and long term) and budget. The 'My Plan' is based on planning documents used in National Disability Insurance Scheme trial sites. When individuals meet with an NDIA planner in the future the 'My Plan' will assist individuals to explain to Planners what their situation, needs, aspirations and goals are. This can assist individuals to have a smoother transition to NDIS funding.

Stage 3: Developing a Host Provider Agreement

  • Focal will explain, discuss and complete a 'Host Provider Agreement' between the participant and/or family and Focal as the Host Provider.
  • Each agreement is unique to the situation and needs of the participant and/or families and will clearly outline both parties roles and responsibilities.
  • Agreements include details about developing and endorsing individual plans, fees, funding and financial management arrangements, government reporting and compliance processes, disput resolution processes, consent for sharing information, complaints processes, review arrangements, how to change service options and agreement termination processes.

Stage 4: Living the Life You Choose

  • Plans are implemented with as little or as much support from the Host Provider as needed and agreed.
  • Plans can be changed as individual's situations change and endorsed by Focal. Changes may occur for a range of reasons including the goal has been met, needs have changed or the support isn't meeting the individual's situation.
  • Reviews are undertaken as required.
  • The implementation of YLYC Plan and Agreement is monitored and supported by the Host Provider as needed.

Other Options

Focal's host provider model is tailored to the individual's situations and can provide the following:

  • Workshops / Peer networking meetings
  • Resources including hard copy and electronic
  • Skill development in key areas including staff recruitment, training and supervision, record keeping and risk management
  • A range of administration and coordination services including on-call support, payroll and book-keeping services and staff recruitment, training and/or supervision

Fee Structure

Initial assessment and service planning $500 (one-off fee)

  • Focal provides 10 hours tailored coordinator support
  • An overview of host provider services is provided. This includes discussing roles, responsibilities, service categories, eligible items, reporting requirements and management of funds
  • Fees and charges are discussed, agreed and included in the Service Agreement
  • Assistance is provided to develop a plan and budget
  • Resources are provided to assist the individual and/or family to successfully direct their funding and meet requirements

A scaled fee will be negotiated according to the level of responsibility individuals and/or their families choose.

Service Option 1: Fully self-directed service (6% annual package)

  • This option is suited to people who feel confident self-directing their package and require minimal support from a host provider
  • As the host provider, Focal will meet reporting requirements and acquittals, hold the package on behalf of the individual, distribute funds as agreed, provide financial statements and monitor expenditure
  • The individuals responsibilities can include sourcing and coordinating supports and services, managing expenditure according to the endorsed plan, providing required documentation to Focal to meet reporting requirements and employing or contracting their own staff

Service Option 2: Shared management service (8% annual package)

  • This option is suited to people who have an understanding of self-direction and require some additional support to develop their skills and confidence and share tasks with a host provider
  • The individual and Focal jointly share tasks to plan, manage, buy and administer supports and services
  • Shared tasks and responsibilities could include staff recruitment, training and supervision, record-keeping, payroll and book-keeping
  • As the host provider, Focal would continue to meet reporting requirements and acquittals, hold the package on behlaf of the individual, distribute funds as agreed, provide financial statements and monitor expenditure

Service Option 3: Transitional support service (10% annual package)

  • This is an option for individuals wishing to commence self-directed support within a well-supported framework or for those who have complex packages of support or could be experiencing significant changes in circumstances and require a higher level of support
  • In addition to holding the funds and meeting reporting and financial management requirements, the host provider can sources, coordinate and implement supports and services as detailed in the individual's plan
  • The individual and/or family will be actively involved in decision making and will remain in close contact with the host provider in relation to the purchasing of supports and services
  • The host provider can assist with developing a plan and budget and assist individuals to develop the skills to do this themselves

Individuals have the option to move between levels as their situations change and confidence in self-direction grows.





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Kelda John
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Project Officer
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07 3812 2014
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Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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