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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

GSL: a Good Start to Life

Available to

Cairns Regional Council

Remote service delivery available state-wide.

Target group

Children through to young adults with disability aged 0-24 years.

Organisational Information

GSL: a Good Start to Life (GSL) is a Cairns based organisation. Our ambition is to be 'the most family-centric organisation a community could hope for' and our goal is 'to be good value'. Good value for us means achieving outcomes that matter to individuals and families, relative to the cost of achieving those outcomes.

As an organisation, our purpose is to ensure children and young people with additional needs have 'a good start to life'. To meet this purpose we offer a range of services aimed at nurting and developing their physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing, and providing their families with education and support.

Host Provider Model

To make the most of our host service you will need internet connectivity, easy access to a smart phone or computer, and feel comfortable using social media. People's lives do not operate within business hours and so we have designed our service to be available to you 24/7. Included in our model is an e-library, a client portal for you to access your plans and financial reports, and chat groups for connecting with others who use our host service.

When contracting our service, there is an initial establishment phase when we work out all the details of your host agreement with us. This includes discussing how you want the funds to be managed, how you want us to work with you, and any specific or individual requirements you may have.

Within our service we have facilitators who are here to assist you and provide advice about planning. This includes:

  • mentoring you around setting goals, make plans and then reviewing them for value
  • providing you with guidance about setting actions that are likely to achieve your goals
  • make sure any expenditure against goals is in line with the purpose of the funding (compliance)

We also have administrators who provide services regarding financial matters including:

  • advice on budgets
  • payment of invoices and services as approved in the support plan
  • accountability and reporting responsibilities with Disability Services
  • mentoring on human resources matters relating to being an employer

The extent of assistance you want from these team members is part of your decision about the level of service you want, and is related to whether you are self-directing or self-managing your funds.

We know your circumstances may change over time and so our host service is flexible. You can decide the level of service you need and type of facilitator and administrator support you want within your Individual Agreement with us. If your needs change on a short term basis you can change between levels or purchase additional services as top-ups, or if your circumstances change on a more permanent basis you can renegotiate terms within your Individual Agreement. You have complete flexibility and choice.

Fee Structure

Meet and Greet - free

Initial contact to discuss what our host service offers, is free of charge.

Establishment fee - $600

GSL will charge a one-off establishment fee and for this we will provide:

  • ongoing access to the e-library with training videos and templates, forms and information on topics relevant to planning, self-direction and self-management
  • development of host agreement
  • establishing financial and accountability systems
  • development of goal statements
  • development of an initial, short term support plan

Support Model Level 1 - 4% of funding package

GSL will charge 4% of your funding package annually and for this we will:

  • check your plans to ensure they are goal oriented and any planned use of funds is compliant with the funding purpose, and provide advice if required
  • provide financial support with annual budgets, monthly financial statements, direct payments, grants management
  • provide advice on budgetary issues as they arise
  • pay invoices and services accessed, as approved in the support plan
  • assume accountability and reporting responsibilities with Disability Services

Support Model Level 2 - 9% of funding package

GSL will charge 9% of your funding package annually for this and we will provide services from Level 1 model plus:

  • review and assist in the development of new support plans, as required
  • provide advice on purchasing resources and services
  • assist with referral and linking to services
  • assist with staff recruitment and filling emergency roster shortages
  • provide advice on managing staffing issues

Support Model Level 3 - 15% of funding package

GSL will charge 15% of your funding package annually and for this we will provide the Level 2 model plus:

  • maintain regular person-to-person facilitator contact, to monitor all aspects of the support plan
  • negotiate with service providers and brokerage services
  • coordinate appointments and services, and order resources included in the support plan
  • assisting with staff recruitment
  • providing staff training, supervision and management services
  • sourcing information on workplace health and safety, legislative requirements, insurances and other employment matters
  • manage rostering and payroll

Within any level, you can purchase extra facilitator time at $90 per hour and administration support time at $55 per hour or support staff at current GSL brokerage rate.





Contact name:
Lyndsey Kotsch
Contact position:
Host Program Manager
Contact phone:
07 4031 0123
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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