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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Advanced Care Australia

Available to

Services delivered in person to:
North Brisbane
Caboolture/Pine Rivers
Sunshine Coast

Services delivered remotely to all other locations in Queensland.

Target group

All people with a disability aged 0-65

Organisational Information

Advanced Care is a private family owned company that has been providing disability support on the Sunshine Coast since 2003. The organisation is now pleased to provide our Choices program in the south east corner of Queensland. Based in Maroochydore, we have existing clients from North Brisbane throught to Noosa.

Responsive and flexible to clients changing needs and preferences, Advanced Care are experienced in planning and implementing cost effective supports for individuals, and specialise in supporting people with high / complex physical needs. Our focus is the client - their needs and preferences, and what solutions we can provide to enable individuals to life the life of their choice.

Host Provider Model

Advanced Care's Choices program will provide participants with a flexible, individualised host funding options, which will enable individuals to move within varying levels of participation in the self-direction of their support. These services will be available to clients throughout Queensland. For those clients living outside of the company's immediate service area (North Brisbane through to the Sunshine Coast and surrounds), Advanced Care will provide a remote service - that is - assessment and communciation will occur via electronic means which may include a combination of skype, messaging applications, email, phone and fax interaction. Remote services are only offered to those clients who choose Option 3 - Self Direction.

Fee Structure

Initial consultation

Advanced Care will provide an initial consultation for 1 hour at no cost, to provide individuals with the options and costs involved to determine if our services are the best fit for them.

Establishment fee

The establishment fee is $350 and this includes all administrative and co-ordination costs associated with setting up the arrangement. This includes planning and consultation session and information gathering with the individual and their family, development of an agreed support plan and budget, where relevant (second or third model) the provision of, and education regarding budget tracking tools, and other administrative tasks associated with the set up.

Exit fee

An exit fee will be payable upon ceasing support, this fee covers administrative tasks associated with final statements and transfer of funds, and is $250.

Administration fee

Participants can choose from 3 different models, depending on the amount of assistance they want or need in self-directing their supports. Participants can also move between the models if and when their circumstances change. All costs will be provided to potential participants at the time of enquiry.

First Model - 3% administration fee

Advanced Care receives the funds from Disability Services and transfers them quarterly, less administration fee, into the person/families nominated separate bank account. The person/family employs their own workers and undertakes all Human Resource requirements. At the end of each quarter the person/family provides Advanted Care with evidence of expenditure which generates the payment of the next quarters funding. The person/family will be required to arrange and pay for all necessary insurances and adhere to all of the conditions outlined in the award when paying staff.

Second Model - 5% administration fee

Advanced Care receives the funds from Disability Services and pays all expenses connected to the individual's funding, for example invoices for support staff and personal expenditure including equipment. This is paid on provision of invoice and claims for expenses. The person/family will be required to arrange and pay for all necessary insurances and adhere to all of the conditions outlined in the award when paying staff.

Third Model - 10% administration fee

In this model the person/family accepts limited responsibility for the planning and management of their needs. Placements will assist with the employment of staff and take responsibility for all activities involved as an employer. We will pay the wages, ensure all statutory requirements are met, will assist with planning, budgeting, recruitment processes, record keeping other business related advice, coordinate all purchasing requirements including calling for quotes so the person/family can have the choice of product and/or service being purchased. The client will be encouraged to use specialist areas and to source free services when available.

Advanced Care is responsible for all of the Department's requirements including financial acquittal.

Additional Costs

In the event additional services are required, Advanced Care will charge an hourly co-ordination rate - additional co-ordination would only be undertaken with the consent of the individual and a quote on the costs associated. The types of additional services that can be accessed include:

  • Assistance with Staff recruitment, setting up of employment agreements, managing staff performance issues
  • Setting up of brokerage agreements
  • Additional case management / co-ordination by negotiation.

The cost of these services is $60 per hour.





Contact name:
Linda Summerton
Contact position:
Managing Director
Contact phone:
(07) 5443 4955
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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