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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Islamic Women's Association

Available to

Metro and Greater Brisbane, Logan Moreton Bay and Gold Coast

Remote service delivery available for other areas

Target group

People with disability aged 0-65 years.

Organisational Information

Over the past 25 years Islamic Women's Association of Queensland Inc (IWAQ) has been a respected and effective provider of high quality care services to people with a disability, their carers and families. IWAQ provides quality services that are flexible, client centred and individualised to meet the specific needs of the client and their family. While our services are available to people wiht a disability aged under 65 years and their carers, we have specialist skills in working with people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. We have a pool of 115 bicultural support workers from over 20 different language groups.

IWAQ provides a range of services including overnight respite care, day respite, personal care, domestic care and coordination of care plans.

Host Provider Model

Under the host provider model we will assist the person and/or carer to identify and select the support that best meets their needs. The level of support will be tailored to the expressed needs and requirements of the person with a disability and his or her family/carer. For example the person may require only support in planning their services and not in financial management of their funding package. Others may require full assistance including management of their plan. The beneift of our specialist expertise for culturally and linguistically diverse people and families is that we can ensure that both the plan and services purchased through other certified providers are culturally appropriate.

The services we will provide are as follows:

  1. Clarifying the needs and requirements of the person and their family
    In the first instance IWAQ will work with the person and their family/carer to explain the host provider model and to determine the level of involvement/support they require in managing their support needs. Bilingual support workers from the same language groups will be utilised for people from diverse backgrounds. This will ensure that people with disability and/or their families are able to make properly informed decisions.

  2. Identifying care needs and developing a care plan
    Each person and their family as appropriate will participate in planning services that best meets their needs. The consumer will have control and decision making over the development of the care plan including decising which services they receive and when and from whom.

  3. Referrals/Brokerage
    IWAQ will maintain a list of all local providers and sub-contractors and the services they offer. This list will be made available and discussed with consumers prior to finalisation of the care plan. Consumer agreement and brokerage arrangements will be implemented with third party providers selected by consumers.

  4. Financial management
    IWAQ is able to identify external providers and manage the care plan including assisting with paying and monitoring supports and services provided by suppliers. This will include ensuring the purchases made are consistent with the approved items on the person's plan for support and funding, monitoring a person's compliance with the principles of self-directed support and ensuring that services are provided in a culturally appropriate manner.

IWAQ can also establish and provide payroll services for people employed to support consumers and carers.

For those people who require full assistance with financial management, IWAQ will:

  • directly manage the funding including payment of service providers
  • remind them of their allocations/usage during regular visits to update the care plan
  • provide them with a monthly statement which updates them about their package and current usage arrangements
  • manage all financial records and expenditure in accordance with the relevant legislation and provide a full financial acquittal to Disability Services
  • manage the taxation impact of making payments directly to a person

Fee Structure

Administration costs vary depending on whether you self-manage or self-direct. Costs are also determined by the level of planning, facilitation and expertise for which you wish to engage IWAQ and the type and number of services purchased.
IWAQ also has a schedule of fees for the support and services available through the organisation.

Free Initial Consultation

  • Meet with you individually or together with your family/support person/advocate
  • Discuss your needs and your funding package details
  • Provide you with information about IWAQ and it's host provider model
  • Provide you with a YLYC Information Kit
  • A written estimate of cost, including the fee structure, will be personalised and provided to you prior to entering into any agreement

Establishment Fee

IWAQ charges a one-off establishment fee of $500. This will cover:

  • processing of referral
  • intake and assessment
  • development of Life Plan
  • financial management establishment

Administration costs

Option 1 - Full responsibility - 4% of your total funding package

Individual has full responsibility and IWAQ will:

  • facilitate an assessment and planning process
  • transfer funds to participant/plan nominee monthly
  • reconcile funds and other accountability to Disability Services
  • be available to the participant and his/her families (if relevant) to provide guidance and information
  • obtain and keep on file current bank account details, work cover and insurance details

Option 2 - Most responsibility - 6% of your total funding package

Individual has most responsibilities and IWAQ will:

  • facilitate an assessment and planning process
  • administer funds and make all payments (support worker and brokerage services) at the direction of the family and on receipt of invoices
  • reconcile funds and other accountability to Disability Services
  • be available to the participant and his/her families to provide guidance and information
  • obtain and keep on file current bank account details, work cover and insurance details

Option 3 - Some responsibility - 10% of your total funding package

Plan Management:

  • assigning you a YLYC Officer
  • develop a 'Whole of Life' Plan
  • implementation of your endorsed plan
  • provide you with support that enables you to connect with a range of community-based organisations and services
  • provide you with a list of services and supports that caters for your individual needs
  • provide you with support to organise the purchase of your supports and/or services
  • provide you with telephone support 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays as well as after hours for emergencies
  • providing you with access to peer support

Fund Management:

  • provide you with information on how the service works
  • work with you to prepare a budget
  • make payments on your behalf (including payment of staff)
  • hold your funding and reimburse your invoices for the services and/or supports you receive
  • monitor your spending and manage your records
  • provide you with an up-to-date quarterly report on the balance of your package
  • submit quarterly reporting and acquit funds

All other specialist supports and direct services that may be provided directly by IWAQ will be negotiated separately with you.





Contact name:
Naima Estrada
Contact position:
Operations Manager
Contact phone:
07 3208 6333
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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