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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Karakan Self Directed Services

Available to

Logan, Metro and Greater Brisbane and Moreton areas

Target group

All people with disability 0-65 years.

Please note: Karakan specialises in support for individuals who have a dual diagnosis of disability and mental illness.

Organisational Information

Karakan is a not for profit organisation that custom designs its services for people who are interested in making positive changes and increasing their sense of wellbeing. Karakan specialises in supporting people who experience mental illness or a disability, or both. We believe that all people, regardless of their experience of mental illness, disability or adversity, can recover and have a meaningful and fulfilling life. We believe people are resilient by nature and, in the right environment, will flourish and reclaim their life. Karakan will listen to your needs and design supports in partnership with you that leave you feeling hopeful and respected.

Since Karakan's inception we have committed to providing an enriching and empowering experience for all people that access the service. Our original focus on responding to particular difficulties and challenges in the lives of people who experience mental illness has evolved over the years towards a broader promotion of activities and supports that are likely to enhance a person's mental health and wellbeing in the long term. Whilst we continue to evolve and grow as an organisation in response to individual needs and contemporary thinking about mental health and wellbeing, our mission and core values have remained constant and have been the fundamental driver of our work.

Karakan's motto is 'Respect, Partnership and Hope'. This encapsulates how we endeavour to live out our values in our everyday interactions. Our services are based on a recovery paradigm, person-centred principles, appreciative inquiry methodology, community engagement and human rights.

We are invested in ensuring 'we do as we say'.

For information about Karakan's services, please view the website.

Host Provider Model

Karakan Self Directed Services (KSDS) is an independent branch of Karakan that will provide you with practical services to help you manage your support package.

All aspects of KSDS will be driven by an underlying assumption that people and their families have an inherent right and desire to be involved in every aspect of directing their supports. We will take the time to listen to you and your family and tailor a package that is flexible and one that meets your needs.

KSDS' model consists of an initial meeting, a one off establishment fee and two distinct packages - Self Directed and Assisted Self Directed.

Fee Structure

Initial Meeting

The Initial Meeting is free and will span 1-3 hours. This meeting is an opportunity for people and their families to explore if KSDS is a good fit for their needs and to explore what level of self-direction they would like.

Establishment Fee - $500

A one off establishment fee of $500 will be charged.

Self-Directed Package- 5% of total funding package

Karakan will hold and administer the funds and pay the bills associated with services and supports. The person and their family will source, direct and organise all services and supports.

Assisted Self-Directed Packaged - 12% of total funding package

Karakan will work in collaboration with the person and their family to source, direct and organise their services and supports, including the recruitment and supervision of staff. Karakan will be responsible for the administration and acquittal for actual service provision and expenditure as well as sourcing and preparing quotes. Karakan will provide ongoing coordination, planning and regular reviews. This package may also include education and training to increase skills of the person and family to increase self-direction and reduce the level of assistance required.

Please note: we understand that not everyone will fit neatly into the above packages and we are committed to tailoring a response based on the needs of each person and their family. Tailored self-directed packages can be developed for those people who would like a combination of the packages. A tailored self-directed package will cost between 5 and 12% depending on the inclusions in the service contract between the person and KSDS.

Karakan also understands that from time to time people may require additional support that is outside of the agreed service contract. These additional services will be charged at a rate of $50/hr. Person's and/or family will be provided with a quote prior to the commencement of the additional services.





Contact name:
Michelle Sharp
Contact position:
Administration Manager
Contact phone:
07 3299 1898
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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