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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Lifestyle Connections Association Inc.

Available to

Cairns local area - North to Palm Cove, South to Gordonvale and North West to Smithfield

Target group

All people with disability aged 18-65 years.

Organisational Information

Lifestyle Connections (formally known as Leisure Connections) was founded in January 1993 to assist people with disability to access lifestyle and leisure activities in mainstream community settings. The service was founded by families and the management committee continues to recognise the importance of family members and advocates in the lives of individuals receiving Lifestyle Connection's support. Our service delivery model is based on person-centred planning and one-to-one support within community settings, rather than segregation or congregation based on disability.

In recent years, we have diversified and now provide community access (including recreation, leisure and household management) and lifestyle support (packages and brokered support for a diverse range of life areas). All our support is based on the belief that people with disability are entitled to live an independent life, over which they exercise control, with the same opportunities as equal members of their chosen communities.

Lifestyle Connections works closely with service users and carers to provide highly individualised one-to-one support in the following ways:

  • in their own home or the family home (budgeting, housekeeping etc.)
  • life skills in the community (employment, training, shopping, banking etc.)
  • further support for a positive lifestyle (social, recreational and leisure activities)
  • personal care

Please contact us to discuss any individual support choices and how we can tailor them to your requirements.

Host Provider Model

Lifestyle Connections have designed a host provider model that enables YLYC participants to personally tailor the level of service desired. We assist individuals, family members and carers to develop a support package that maximises available support dollars ensuring individuals have control over how their support is delivered.

Lifestyle Connections believes that people with disability are entitled to live an independent life with opportunities equal to others within their community, and the right to exercise choice in all areas of their life.

Lifestyle Connections offers three options including full self-direction, shared self-direction and full service direction. These are a guide and an individual may choose a combination of these when planning their support through Lifestyle Connections.

Fee Structure

Initial meetings and negotiations are free of charge.


Establishment fee and initial set up of individualised personal plan and agreement is $600.

Level 1 - Full Self-Direction - 6% per annum of funding package

Lifestyle Connections recognises there are many people who are capable of self-managing administration for their chosen support. Based on the individual's personal plan, we will provide tailored services to individuals who select full self-direction to achieve their goals and aspirations with control over managing their support.

Level 2 - Shared Self-Direction - 6-8% of funding package

Lifestyle Connections recognises shared administration for support is the preferred option for some people. We will work with individuals, their families and carers to identify life areas in which Lifestyle Connections can provide assistance. Working together from an individually developed personal plan, Leisure Connections will support the person to achieve their goals, desired lifestyle and aspirations with maximum independence.

Level 3 - Full Service Direction - 8-10% of funding package

Lifestyle Connections recognises complete administration of supports chosen by the individual can be their preferred option for some people. Individuals, families and carers can maintain full control over service aspects such as selection of their own support staff, type of support and when services are provided based on an individualised personal plan to achieve goals, desired lifestyle and aspirations with maximum independence. Fee charged will depend on whether support is solely provided by Lifestyle Connections or service components are purchased via other agencies.

Direct support from $44.50 per hour
Fees are reviewed regularly





Contact name:
Leo Brunker
Contact position:
Service Manager
Contact phone:
07 4035 6771
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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