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About accessing the NDIS

How do I access supports under the NDIS?

There are two steps involved in accessing supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

  • The first is to become a participant where a person makes an access request.
  • If access is approved, the second step is for a participant to have an NDIS plan developed.

The NDIS access checklist will help you see if you meet the access requirements.

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Who do I contact?

The NDIS is run by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

If you already receive disability support services from the Queensland Government, the NDIA will contact you to undertake an access request.

If you do not currently receive disability support services from Queensland Government, you can contact the NDIA to undertake an access request on 1800 800 110.

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What will I need to provide?

If you already receive disability services from Queensland Government, the access process will be completed over the phone.

Alternatively, the NDIA will talk to you about what information you may need to provide when you contact them.

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When can I make an access request?

People with disability will be able to make an access request from six months before the start of transition in their area. You can find out when transition starts in your area through an online location search.

For people who are close to turning 65 it is important to note that you must be less than 65 years on the day of making an access request to be eligible to become a participant.

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When will I get supports?

You can find out when transition starts in your area through an online location search. It is anticipated that more than 90,000 people will be eligible for the NDIS in Queensland and the NDIA is working hard to give people in each transition area access to supports under the NDIS as quickly as possible, in an orderly and progressive way.

The NDIA also recognises the importance of supporting people through major life events (such as leaving schools or care of the state), or other circumstances (such as people sharing supports in the same household or facility, or living in small communities) where people may need to access their NDIS supports as a priority.

If you have a critical need to access supports, talk to the NDIA so they can endeavour to complete your access and planning process as a priority.

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Do I need to move to the NDIS?

The NDIS is a change from the existing system of disability services where the Queensland Government sets and funds disability supports to a national scheme that will provide the supports you need over your lifetime.

This means responsibility for providing disability services including funding will move from the Queensland Government to the NDIA. Once the NDIS is rolled out in each area, all eligible people will only be able to access their disability supports through the NDIS.

Your NDIS individual participant plan will outline the reasonable and necessary supports (services and products) you need which will be funded through the NDIS.

You will continue to receive the Queensland Government funded disability services you currently receive until you become an NDIS participant with an approved plan, or until the end of the transition period in the area where you live. It's therefore important that you move to the NDIS before the end of the transition in your area. You can find transition timeframes at

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What if I am not eligible for the NDIS?

If you are currently receiving specialist disability services but are not eligible for the NDIS, you will continue to receive support that will enable you to achieve similar outcomes through Continuity of Support arrangements.

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Where can I find out more about the NDIS and supports available?

Visit the NDIS website or search the NDIS events calendar to find activities near you.


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