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Information for disability providers and businesses

The NDIS is expected to inject approximately $4 billion annually into the Queensland economy once it is fully implemented in 2019, creating a wide range of opportunities for new and established businesses.

The NDIS market will be significantly different to the current disability service system, and to be ready for the NDIS organisations need to:

  • understand what supports people want to purchase, and decide what supports their organisation will offer
  • understand how to attract people with disability to choose their organisation to deliver supports, and how to retain customers
  • have a plan to be able to deliver viable services, based on a good understanding of costs, and develop realistic and competitive prices for services
  • have business and financial systems that can manage the new ways organisations are paid for delivering support
  • have systems to manage staffing in response to potential ebbs and flows in demand and flexibility in the ways customers want services delivered.
  • Registering to become an NDIS provider

    Use the NDIS Provider Toolkit to find out more about becoming a registered NDIS provider and for guidance on the qualifications and experience required to provide services.

  • Support and resources

    Tools and resources to help your organisation prepare for the NDIS in Queensland.

  • Toolkit for providers

    Building capacity of organisations to respond to the consumer demand in the NDIS toolkit.

  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) NDIS ready toolkit

    Resources and tools for getting ready to deliver culturally and linguistically diverse disability services under the NDIS.

  • Workforce development

    See more information about the Queensland NDIS Workforce Strategy – WorkAbility Qld, and options for finding and training staff to build your workforce ready for the NDIS.

  • Quality and safeguards during transition

    Queensland's existing quality and safeguards system applies to all NDIS providers registered to deliver specialist disability services in Queensland during the NDIS transition.

  • Transition timeframes

    See the expected timeframe for each area's transition to the NDIS, to assist with planning for the NDIS. The end date is when it is agreed that delivery of disability services for all eligible people will be funded through the NDIS.

  • Continuity of Support

    People receiving disability supports funded by the Queensland Government who do not meet NDIS access requirements will be assisted.

  • Information, linkages and capacity building

    ILC is an important part of the NDIS and grants will be provided to organisations to carry out ILC activities for people with disability in the community.

  • NDIS Industry Briefing

    Queensland NDIS Industry Briefing will update you on key trends and market indicators for the NDIS in Queensland.

NDIS Industry Briefing

Watch the NDIS Industry Briefing broadcast live on 4 July 2018.

The briefing provides an overview of key trends as at year two, third quarter of the NDIS transition in Queensland.

The NDIS in Queensland rollout data and trends booklet (PDF, 5.6 MB)

NDS Helpdesk

The NDS Helpdesk is your one-stop shop to ask NDIS and disability employment related questions and receive quick, accurate responses from our specialised teams. The NDS Helpdesk is available to all Queensland disability service providers thanks to government funding.