Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

Continuity of Support

People receiving disability supports funded by the Queensland Government who do not meet NDIS access requirements will be assisted to access supports which enable them to achieve similar outcomes. This is known as 'continuity of support'.

Information about accessing the NDIS and continuity of support is available on the NDIS website.

Continuity of Support for older people

People must be under 65 years of age to access the NDIS.

The Australian Government is responsible for providing continuity of support for people aged 65 years and over receiving state-funded specialist disability services.  Through the Australian Department of Health they have established a Continuity of Support Programme (CoS Programme) which will provide continued support.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients aged 50 to 64 years receiving state-funded specialist disability services can apply to access the NDIS. However, if assessed as ineligible for the NDIS based on other criteria, they can also receive continued support through the CoS Programme.

Under the CoS Programme, the Department of Health will enter into funding contracts with providers to continue supports.

Eligible clients will transfer to the CoS Programme generally at the beginning of the time their area is transitioning to the NDIS and the Department of Health will make contact with any service providers for clients in the months leading up to transition in their location.

Further information about the CoS Programme is available at the Department of Health website.

Check the online map to find out when areas in Queensland will transition to the NDIS.

Continuity of Support for people aged under 65 years

The Queensland Government is responsible for managing the continuity of support arrangements for clients under 65 who are ineligible for the NDIS.

Continuity of support will enable people to achieve similar outcomes to what they were achieving prior to the introduction of the NDIS.

Disability Services will work with service providers of existing clients who are found to be ineligible for the NDIS to set up continuity of support arrangements.

If a client you support is notified formally by the National Disability Insurance Agency that they do not meet the NDIS access requirements, you can contact your Disability Services Regional Service Centre. In areas which have completed transition to the NDIS, please email