Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors


The Centre engages in practice leadership and disability research in clinical innovation and governance, forensic disability, high and complex needs and positive behaviour supports.

Centre’s activities focus on:

  • The proper care and support for people with intellectual/cognitive disability who use challenging behaviours in order to improve quality of life and reduce the use of restrictive practices.
  • Improved clinical outcomes in disability services by improving the effectiveness of services, reducing adverse events, and reducing the variability of clinical service quality.
  • Ensuring that people with disabilities who have high and complex needs can transition to NDIS funded arrangements.
  • Supporting capacity development in Queensland in preparation for the NDIS in relation to providing supports for children and adults with high and complex needs.
  • The development and implementation of early identificatio and supports to families at risk of relinquishing their family member with a disability.
  • The provision of behaviour supports to children with disabilities and challenging behaviours through the Evolve Behaviour Support Service.
  • The ability of people with intellectual/cognitive disabilities who engage in offending behaviours to have access to therapeutic programs.
  • Building sector capacity in the provision of sustainable, effective supports for people with disabilities who have high and complex needs.

The Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support is headed by a joint Professorial Chair between the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and the University of Queensland.  Professor Karen Nankervis is the Chair of the Centre of Excellence.

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