Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

Practice leadership, learning and resources

“Do not use theories and strategies on me. Be with me. And when we struggle with each other, let that give rise to self reflection” (People First- San Luis Obispo)

What is Practice Leadership?

In 2011, the Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support expanded its Learning and Development Program to incorporate ‘Practice Leadership’. Practice Leadership includes all of the core functions of Learning and Development, but expands upon these to include elements of coaching, mentoring and ‘real life’ problem solving. All courses offered by the Centre include components of on the job follow up for participants, assisting with the application of new knowledge into the day to day support of people with intellectual disabilities who engage in challenging behaviour.

In addition to an expanded training calendar, the Centre will deliver three distinct activities that relate specifically to leading practice in 2013. These are:

  • Facilitating a Practitioners Forum for Non-Government practitioners and clinicians
  • Facilitating a Community of Practice for all people interested in Positive Behaviour Support
  • Providing a coaching and mentoring program within organisations, focussing on embedding Positive Behaviour Support

Please see the Centre training calendar for details on these, and other professional development opportunities.

  • Training

    The Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support offers staff development courses for a range of professionals working within the disability sector.

  • Resources and help

    Resources and help on positive behaviour support and positive practice