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Supporting better health

In March 2016, the Office of the Public Advocate released the report Upholding the right to life and health: a review of the deaths in care of people with disability in Queensland. This was the first systematic review of deaths in care in Queensland. In September 2018 the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support presented a two hour overview of the report, including the key findings and recommendations which address health risk factors for people with disability. These recommendations are relevant to both health and disability service providers and practitioners. A webcast of the presentation will be available via the link below until July 2019:

Assessment tools

Tools for a basic Functional Behavioural Assessment are provided below. These tools will assist you in gathering and analysing data and developing hypotheses. These hypotheses will then inform the design of interventions.

The Writing Positive Behaviour Support Plans (WPBSP) training program delivered by the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support will support you to use these tools and also provide a comprehensive understanding of the functions of behaviour, analysis of data and development of interventions. Use of these tools without completing the WPBSP training program is not recommended.

Practice statements

These practice statements provide information and advice on significant issues in positive practice.