Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP)

As part of the process of transitioning Queensland to the NDIS, the state government’s licence for CHAP will expire on 31 December 2018.  Disability Services will continue to provide access to the CHAP tool free of charge to eligible organisations up until this date.      

From 1 January 2019,

The department is making available an easy to use Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP) document to enable improved identification and documentation of the health needs of adults with an intellectual disability. CHAP was developed by the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability as a two-part document. It is a questionnaire that documents the patient's health history and provides the GP with prompts and guidelines relating to health issues for this population.

CHAP is available to every adult with an intellectual disability in Queensland who receives a Disability Services delivered or funded service.

Service Providers in Queensland who provide support to adults with an intellectual disability can register to download the CHAP on behalf of their clients. In accordance with the licensing agreement Disability Services is unable to provide the CHAP document to individuals. If a Service Provider is contacted by an adult with intellectual disability, a family member or carer who requires a copy of the CHAP document; please register to download the document. Please note that Disability Services is periodically provided with updated versions of the CHAP document and it is therefore advisable to download the latest version each time a request is made.

The document can then be completed by individuals, family members, carers, general practitioners and staff of government and funded non-government service providers on behalf of a person with an intellectual disability.

  1. Register to download CHAP.
  2. You will receive login details by email, containing your organisation’s Username and Password.
  3. Download the CHAP document.
  4. Provide the document to the appropriate person for completion.
  5. Complete the first part of the document for the person, part one (questions 1-24).
  6. Make a long appointment for the person with their usual general practitioner.  Medicare supports the assessment.
  7. Take the CHAP document to the appointment with the general practitioner.
  8. The GP will review the first part of the patient's CHAP document and complete the second part while examining the person.
  9. It is important to complete the Action Plan at the end of the consultation.
  10. We recommend that one copy of the Action Plan be kept with the person's personal record, and one copy remains with the CHAP document.

Download CHAP

You will need a password before you can logon to download CHAP.