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Information and resources for Service Providers in a Service Agreement with Disability Services including obligations under the Service Agreement and transition to NDIS.

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The Contract

Your obligations

The Service Agreement is a legally binding contract between the Department and your organisation. You should seek independent legal advice before entering into an Agreement. Below are listed the more critical obligations of a funded non-government organisation although, not an exhaustive listing or reference.

Our rules for contracting

The Funding Accountability Guidelines (PDF, 984 KB) Funding Accountability Guidelines (DOCX, 355 KB) (the Guidelines) set out the business rules for Disability Services funding paid to non-government organisations under a Service Agreement. The Guidelines are reviewed and amended periodically to ensure they remain relevant and responsive to the operating environment, including changes to legislation.


Service capacity notification

Funded capacity must be notified by a FNGO (or the departmental Contract Officer for the Agreement) via the online service capacity notification form. This notification enables the department to assess and verify funded service capacity that is not utilised and refer prioritised people with a disability to the available services. Through this process there is a strong focus on matching service users to the suitable and available services.

Change of Purpose request

Funding received under a Service Agreement must only be used to deliver the agreed Services detailed in the Service Agreement. There are situations where the funds paid are not utilised as planned and in these bona fide situations there may be circumstances where unused funds held may be utilised for a purpose other than originally approved and contracted.

This process of application by the NGO and decision making is known as ‘change of purpose’.

Other General Accountabilities

Our rules for NDIS transition

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