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My Future: My Life


The My Future: My Life strategy is a key element of the Queensland Government’s commitment to supporting young people with a disability transition effectively from school to adult life.

The key premise of the My Future: My Life strategy is to promote and support individuals’ empowerment by supporting young people with a disability before they leave school to make plans for and make choices about their future after they leave school.

Eligibility requirements for this strategy are outlined in the My Future: My Life website.

The key drivers underlying this strategy include:

  1. the recognised need to provide an early response to the transition from school, which will alleviate the stress and anxiety experienced by this group of young people and their families. Through effective and early planning it is anticipated that this will help in building the resilience and capacity of the young person and their family.
  2. early planning means that young people are better equipped to leave school with more opportunities identified and available. This strategy invests in early planning responses which can generate longer-term benefits and will ensure that supports and resources are provided based on the young person’s needs, goals, choices and aspirations.

This implementation of this strategy is through collaboration between the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the Department of Education and Training (DET) and in partnership with Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and Queensland Education Commission (QCEC).


My Future: My Life currently operates three streams of support under the strategy.

  1. Eligible young people in years 11 and 12 (or equivalent) can access time-limited financial assistance to support them to achieve the goals as outlined in their SET plan (or equivalent) and that items and/or services requested have a direct and tangible link to the goals in the SET plan (or equivalent)

    The range of items and services requested will need to be identified through the on-line application process with Centacare in which there is a Resource Request section. If an on-line application is unable to be lodged, Centacare can be contacted on 1300 MY PLAN (1300 697 526) to discuss an alternative process.

    Items requested must show a direct and tangible link to the young person’s transition goals as specified in their SET plan (or equivalent).

  2. Transition Preparation for young people with a disability attending Queensland secondary schools

    This component will provide eligible young people, in any year of their secondary schooling, with the opportunity to engage in thinking that will assist them to understand better what their goals are and start preparing for life after school. It will allow young people with a disability and their family to build on their strengths and capacity to develop strategies which will support and guide the transition from school to a typical young adult life.

  3. Statewide information and developmental sessions will be aimed at:

    • families with young people in secondary school who have a disability
    • Disability professionals
    • Department of Education and Training staff
    • Disability Services staff.

    These sessions will provide innovative and creative ideas for assisting young people to transition more effectively from school.  To find out when and where these sessions will be held please refer to the My Future: My Life website or contact the team.


The My Future: My Life strategy is administered through the non-government service provider, Centacare Brisbane. Centacare is responsible for receiving and verifying individual applications for support. Centacare will also be responsible for administering the funding for the individuals accessing the support.

Further Information

Young people who would like to apply for support under the My Future: My Life strategy should make direct contact with Centacare.

Contact details are:

Phone:1300 MY PLAN (1300 697 526)

NDIS Information

Between 2016-2019 the provision of disability services will transition to the NDIS in line with Queensland’s transition schedule. Further information is available at the NDIS website.

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