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Parent Connect Initiative

The Parent Connect initiative forms part of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services commitment to providing early intervention, prevention and transition support to parents of children with disability or developmental delay.

Access to Parent Connect

Any parent whose child aged 0-17 years has a diagnosis or suspected disability or developmental delay will be considered for support under this initiative. Referrals may come through organisations such as Mums and Bubs, community services, hospitals, GPs or directly from family members.

Support available through Parent Connect

Parent Connect assists parents of children with disability to help them determine the best possible response for their family. Supports are offered for up to a 12 month period.

Depending on their needs, families can access a range of supports including information, referral to mainstream or community organisations, short-term case co-ordination and planning support to assist families to identify the next steps needed to reach their goals.

Parent Connect Providers

Parent Connect is delivered by the following local non-government service providers

Further information is available on the Parent Connect website.

NDIS Information

Between 2016-2019 the provision of disability services will transition to the NDIS in line with Queensland’s transition schedule. However the Parent Connect initiative will continue to provide specialist disability services throughout this period. Further information is available at the NDIS website.


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