Service capacity notification form

Providers can find information on the management of capacity (PDF, 225 KB) management of capacity (RTF, 101 KB) prior to, and during the NDIS transition period.

Unless a Capacity Notification is due to “New capacity available as a result of changes to service model, cost, review of capacity, etc .” one form is required per client.

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Notification ReasonsThis field is required

Thank you for notifying the department that a person in receipt of funded support has transitioned to the NDIS and has an approved plan. 

Once formal advice is received by us from the NDIA about that persons plan the provisions with your Agreement and the supporting Framework for the Reduction of Funding through a Service Agreement will be applied. 

For additional information the framework is located on the departments website at

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All notifications for unused outputs and/or unspent funds will be required to be returned to the department as per the Funding Accountability Guidelines 6.6 Unspent Funds and in accordance with your Service Agreement. Please identify the amount of unspent funds accrued and the department will generate an invoice to your organisation.

Funding model
Traditional - individual
For all notifications except permanent block capacity, please indicate below if your organisation has viability concerns with the withdrawal of this capacity.This field is required
By indicating NO to viability concerns for the withdrawal of this capacity, you are confirming that you understand that this capacity will be withdrawn to the Department for reinvestment. You are also confirming that the appropriate financial delegate for your organisation has agreed to this position.This field is required
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Support can be provided for a person with a disability who has:

Complex health needs
Behaviour support needs
Mobility support needs
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