Emergency Response - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Disability Services provides supports, through selected non-government service providers, under the Emergency Response initiative. Emergency Response funding is delivered as part of a strategy to provide immediate intervention for individuals with a disability and their families and carers in the event of emergency and critical situations. Emergency Response funding provides flexible and short term supports to individuals with a disability who are in urgent and critical need and are unable to access other forms of support in a timely manner.

To access emergency supports, people can contact their local Emergency Response organisation directly.

Guidelines for organisations

Funded Emergency Response organisations provide supports under the Disability Services Act 2006 and in line with the Emergency Response guidelines. Recently this initiative underwent a review which resulted in updated guidelines to reflect government priorities, including the provision of aids and equipment:

NDIS Information

Between 2016-2019 the provision of disability services will transition to the NDIS in line with Queensland’s transition schedule.   Further information is available at the NDIS website.


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