Housing with Shared Support Protocol - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Housing with Shared Support Protocol

The Housing with Shared Support Protocol (HwSS) is a joint initiative between our department and the Department of Housing and Public Works.

HwSS is a form of social housing for people with disability support needs. It enables a group of usually unrelated adults to live together - either in the same property or separate properties in close proximity (when available) - so they can share support services.

These individuals may have complex and high support needs.

These shared living arrangements are different from other social housing tenancies.

The HwSS Practice Guide (PPTX, 272 KB) HwSS Practice Guide (DOCX, 120 KB) for housing service providers and Disability Services staff outlines how HwSS individuals will:

  • be eligible for social housing
  • get an approved application for social housing
  • be eligible and assessed for disability services
  • receive individual disability funding from Disability Services or be prioritised for an existing funded vacancy
  • agree to enter into a HwSS arrangement with the disability support agency to sustain the level of support
  • consent to reside in a social housing property and to live with or near other individuals for the purpose of sharing support.

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