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Our organisation

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Our aims and priorities

Our department aims to enable vulnerable Queenslanders to improve their lives by investing, providing and partnering in effective and innovative services. In doing so, we will help realise the Queensland Government’s commitment to be Australia’s best public service.

To achieve better outcomes for the community, we will provide and fund support and services to people most in need. Our priorities are to:

• create positive customer experiences

• strengthen Queensland families and protect at-risk children

• strengthen disability services

• linking support services for seniors, youth and women

• engage clients, communities and partners to inform policy, program and service delivery responses

• drive reforms that deliver value for money and manage public investment well

• support community recovery and resilience in dealing with disasters

• reduce red tape and make it easier to do business with the department.

The 2014–2018 Strategic Plan communicates our purpose, values, priorities and challenges for the next four years as we work with our government and non-government partners to realise our aims and achieve better outcomes for Queenslanders.

Organisational arrangements

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Organisational Arrangements (PDF, 156 KB) consist of the following areas:

  • Cabinet and Parliamentary Services and Liaison Services
  • Internal Audit and Compliance Services
  • Child, Family and Community Services
  • Disability Services and Portfolio Renewal
  • Regions
  • Corporate Services.

These arrangements are an important step toward meeting the department's mission of delivering services and support that build fair, cohesive and vibrant Queensland communities.

They also provide a solid foundation for delivering early intervention services when they are most needed by our clients.

Our service areas

Child Safety