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Child safety officer careers

Are you ready to make a difference to the lives of some of Queensland's most vulnerable children and families?

We need qualified people just like you to fill 292 new child safety positions over the next two years. We'll need 236 in the coming year alone.

These positions will boost the number of frontline child safety officers and the child safety support officers and administration officers who support them in their important role.

The extra positions will also create a career pathway for child protection professionals through new roles, such as senior child safety officer and senior team leader. Frontline staff will also benefit from mobile, specialist practice teams who will provide additional professional development and support for new staff.

If you're considering a role in child protection, there's never been a better time to join our organisation.

Join us now

We are continually looking for dynamic, highly motivated and committed people from throughout Australia and overseas to fulfil new and existing positions to enable us to deliver effective child protection services.

We need people with different levels of experience and skills to fill a range of exciting positions.

We encourage you to apply for positions in your local region or to consider a 'tree change' to a new location. In particular, we are searching for people who:

  • live in regional Queensland or would be willing to live in regional Queensland
  • are from Indigenous backgrounds to help us reverse the over-representation of Indigenous children in the child protection system
  • are from diverse ethnic backgrounds to provide a variety of multicultural services within our department
  • are dedicated care professionals or graduates with qualifications in social work, human services or the behavioural sciences.

We provide an online induction program and various specialised training programs for new employees, as well as opportunities for further development through transfers between geographic areas and roles within our department.

Working in a regional or remote community can provide a unique lifestyle and we offer additional remote and regional incentives.

How to apply

You can submit an application to become a child safety officer at any time.  Please visit the Queensland Government Smart Jobs and Careers website.

Please ensure you read the child safety officer role profile which provides information relating to the role. The CSO Applicant Guide (PDF, 398 KB) CSO Applicant Guide (DOC, 229 KB) provides information on the application requirements and what you can expect from the recruitment and selection process.

When submitting your application directly to the CSO recruitment team, please ensure you attach all required documentation.

Further information

For further information about becoming a child safety officer please contact the Child Safety Officer Recruitment Team.

Postal address:

Child Safety Officer Recruitment Team
Human Resources and Ethical Standards
Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
GPO Box 806
Brisbane QLD 4001

Freecall: 1800 089 515

Is your feedback

Please submit your comments on the department's Compliments and Complaints section.

Please submit your comments on the Queensland Government website Contacts form.