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For graduates

About the program

The 2018 Graduate Development Program provides recent university graduates with an extensive professional development program to enhance their leadership skills and personal and professional capabilities.

There will be 15 available roles across the state open to all graduates with suitable qualifications, including Policy Officers that will be located in Brisbane and Child Safety Officers in various locations.

The department values cultural capability and wishes to support the engagement, participation and advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our workforce. The 2018 Graduate Development Program will have a particular focus on attracting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates, with five of the 15 positions available to these graduates. 

The department would also like to attract graduates who were previously a child or young person in the care of a Statutory Child Protection Department (e.g. foster care or other alternate placement with a court order), and these graduates are strongly encouraged to apply.

What we offer

During the 12-month program, graduates will gain competencies through their work placements in the department, and by participating in a variety of mandatory professional development activities. Graduates are also provided with a generous professional development budget for the term of the program, and for regional and remote graduates, all travel costs for training purposes are covered by the program.

A mentoring program will provide support from colleagues and peers and allow graduates to develop strong and lasting relationships which will help to consolidate learnings and assist graduates to adapt to employment within the Queensland Public Service.

Successful applicants will be on probation for the duration of the 12 month graduate program and will be appointed to a permanent position at a PO2 or AO3 level within the department at the end of the program. Here is a testimonial:

"The graduate program has supported my graduate year to be one of discovery and assisting me in achieving my career potential.  The program has particularly provided the opportunity to participate in a variety of development and training opportunities, which extended my knowledge with real application and further fuelled my passion to serve the Queensland community. 

Personal highlights have included working across different business units in negotiated rotations, which provided me a greater awareness of service delivery across the Department.  I also particularly valued the opportunity to meet with other graduates and participate in specialised graduate opportunities, both within the department and, across Government. 

The ongoing fortnightly meetings with my mentor have also been an integral part of my support network and provided an independent person to discuss career development and work related issues with personal perspective." Kellie Owen, Graduate Policy Officer, Legal Policy & Legislation (2017 Graduate Program Participant).   


During the program, graduates are supported by:

  • their managers and supervisors
  • a mentor
  • a peer network (including graduates from other agencies)
  • consultants from Human Resources and Ethical Standards.

Through the department’s Achievement and Capability Planning process, graduates will have the opportunity to set goals and targets to help manage their own development and career.

Eligibility requirements

The program is for any person who has recently graduated from university in the desired disciplines,

In addition to a minimum three years full-time or equivalent undergraduate degree, graduates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • have recently completed their qualifications
  • are prepared to present academic credentials or transcripts as part of the recruitment and selelction process
  • are Australian citizens or hold New Zealand citizenship with a special category visa or permanent residency.

Graduates of all ages are encouraged to apply.

We also encourage applicants for positions in the 2018 program from the following cohorts:

  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduate
  • a graduate who was a child or young person in the care of a Statutory Child Protection Department (e.g. foster care or other alternate placement with a court order)

Additional eligibility requirements apply, depending on the role and discipline. 

What roles are available

How to apply

For more information on how to apply, or for additional information on eligibility requirements, please visit the Smart Jobs and Careers website and search for job vacancies at the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. 

If you have any questions regarding the graduate program, please email

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Please submit your comments on the department's Compliments and Complaints section.

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