HSQF certification – for providers with current HSQF certification - Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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HSQF certification – for providers with current HSQF certification

HSQF certification is granted where a provider has been assessed by an independent third party (known as a certification body) as meeting the Human Services Quality Standards.

Providers with a service agreement with the department to deliver disability services are required to achieve and maintain HSQF certification as a condition of their departmental funding. When registering with the NDIS, department-funded providers should upload their HSQF certificate to the NDIS provider portal as evidence of compliance with the HSQF. Where a provider registers for an NDIS registration group not covered by the scope of their current HSQF certificate, the provider will also need to upload to the NDIS provider portal, a Statement of Commitment, agreeing to include the new registration group/s into the scope of their next scheduled audit.

Once transitioned to the NDIS, providers are required to maintain their HSQF certification for NDIS registration groups that are prescribed services (PDF). This requirement applies until 30 June 2019 or until the national quality and safeguards framework is implemented, whichever is sooner. This requirement is in-line with the Quality assurance and safeguards working arrangements for transition to the NDIS in Queensland as agreed between the Australian Government and Queensland.

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