HSQF self-assessment – for new providers of disability services in Queensland - Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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HSQF self-assessment – for new providers of disability services in Queensland

New providers that do not hold HSQF certification or an alternative approved accreditation/certification and want to deliver a prescribed disability service are required to complete a self-assessment against the Human Services Quality Standards (PDF, 275 KB) Human Services Quality Standards (RTF, 71 KB).

Self-assessments are to be submitted to the department for a completeness review before NDIS registration can be finalised. 

A self-assessment system is available in two formats (Excel and Word) and is designed to assist providers to demonstrate their understanding of the Human Services Quality Standards including core safeguarding requirements. Version 2.2 is now available for use.

The self-assessment system includes:

Self-assessment - review process

  • Once received by the department, self-assessments will be reviewed to ensure their completeness including the requirement that all specified quality and safeguarding requirements have been addressed. The department may also request copies of core policies and procedures or other documents (e.g. criminal history screening outcome notice) that relate to quality service delivery and legislative safeguards as part of the review process.
  • Incomplete self-assessments will be returned to providers for completion and resubmission to the HSQF mailbox.
  • Where a self-assessment is identified as complete, the provider will receive (via email) a letter of notification from the department confirming acceptance and completeness of the HSQF self-assessment. This approval applies to the registration groups identified as pending state approval. This letter can be used as evidence of acceptance of the HSQF self-assessment for uploading to the NDIS provider portal.

Self-assessment - application checklist

  • Ensure the self-assessment is complete

  • Ensure the declaration has been completed and signed

  • Refer to the Self-Assessment Guide to ensure the document is filled out correctly

  • Email completed documents and a copy of the 'pending state approval' letter from the NDIS listing the registration groups that could not be approved to hsqf@communities.qld.gov.au


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