Overview of the Standards - Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Overview of the Standards

The Human Services Quality Standards (the standards) set a benchmark for the quality of service provision. Each standard is supported by a set of performance indicators which outline what an organisation will be assessed against in order to show they meet the standard.

The standards cover the core elements for quality service provision, namely:

  • governance and management
  • service access
  • responding to individual need
  • safety, wellbeing and rights
  • feedback, complaints and appeals
  • human resources.

The Human Services Quality Standards replace the:

  • Queensland Disability Service Standards
  • Queensland Disability Advocacy Standards
  • Standards for Community Services
  • Child Safety 11 Minimum Service Standards.

The standards have been mapped to the National Standards for Disability Services 2013.

Demonstrating compliance with the standards

To help protect people using services and provide consistency in quality, the department requires that all services in-scope of the framework are delivered in accordance with the standards. Organisations are required to demonstrate this compliance to the department through one of three methods:

  1. Certification under the HSQF - recognition that an organisation has met the requirements of the standard through a process of independent third-party audit.
  2. Evidence of certification or accreditation against a set of standards/quality framework approved by the department.
  3. Self-assessment.

The method of demonstrating compliance will depend on the type and complexity of services provided, the vulnerability of the people using the services, and where funded by the department, the amount of funding investment.

A small number of services are not required to demonstrate compliance with the standards. Further information can be found in the Human Services Quality Framework (PDF, 1.2 MB) Human Services Quality Framework (RTF, 633 KB) Version 4.0.

Tailored resources and specific requirements for demonstrating compliance with the HSQF are available on the HSQF website for:

  • organisations in-scope for independent third-party audits (HSQF certification)
  • self-assessable only organisations
  • providers delivering prescribed disability services in Queensland for the NDIS.
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