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Our services

  • Child Safety Services

    Child Safety services leads the Queensland Government's responsibility for child protection and adoption services. We protect children and young people who have been harmed or who are at risk of harm, and secure their future safety and well-being.

  • Community Services

    We perform a range of support functions to nurture strong Queensland communities. The services we support and deliver benefit children, youth including young offenders, older people, volunteers, families, people experiencing homelessness and domestic and family violence. We are also the lead agency for the coordination of community recovery support and assistance. Our role includes the provision of short, medium and longer term recovery strategies and services.

  • Disability Services

    We lead policy, services and programs that support people with a disability, people with a mental illness, older frail people, and their families and carers. Specialist disability services are delivered by our department and non-government service providers that we fund.

  • Women's Services

    The Office for Women plays a central role in carrying out Queensland Government's vision for the women of Queensland. Through our policy work and program delivery, we aim to promote and encourage the rights of all Queensland women - across cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and age groups. At the core of our work is the ongoing challenge to remove the barriers that stop women from fully participating in society.

  • Multicultural Affairs Queensland

    Multicultural Affairs Queensland leads government policy development and engagement with people from multicultural backgrounds. We provide advice on multicultural issues and influence government services and programs that support Queenslanders from diverse cultures. We also promote the benefits of multiculturalism through initiatives such as the Valuing Diversity Grants Program, Queensland Multicultural Week and the Queensland Multicultural Awards.

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