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Week 1: Sport, recreation and the arts

Held 1 to 6 August.

Brought to you by the Queensland Government and Inala Plaza.

Queensland’s cultural diversity is enriched by unique and fresh cultural expressions combining traditional and contemporary elements. Newcomers to Australia bring their rich cultural heritage with them, and the creative expression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities reminds us that this land is home to the oldest living cultures on earth. All these voices combine as a vibrant and evolving part of Queensland’s unique character.

Creative expression through music, dance, performance or art brings increased understanding and insight through new cultural experiences that have never been more accessible. With more than 1 million Queenslanders* born overseas, we have an incredible opportunity, offering a wealth of opportunities to learn and experience diverse cultures. During Queensland Multicultural Month the experiences extend across the state, with a wide range of festivals, culinary experiences, performances and celebrations on offer.

The unifying nature of sport can bring together fans from many cultures when they participate in a sport or wear the colours and sing the song of their favourite team. This traditional Australian weekend past-time is enriched by the next generation of young players and supporters cheering from the sidelines. Many of our state’s sporting teams and clubs have a diverse membership and, regardless of country of birth or cultural heritage, we’re all part of the ‘Queenslander’ tribe. Through sport, people of all cultures in Queensland come together as one.

When we support cultural diversity in sport, we all win.


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