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Culture Train

The Culture Train collective of traditional and contemporary multicultural artists performed an exciting program of workshops and concerts, for people of all ages, in 14 Queensland towns and cities.

Culture Train artists

Watch this compilation video featuring some of the Culture Train artists, and find out more about each artist below.

  • Dheeraj Shrestha

    Dheeraj Shrestha is an internationally acclaimed tabla percussionist recognised as the foremost Nepalese born tabla percussionist in Australia. His easy flowing style sets him apart from other international tabla players.

    Irrepressibly creative, the stylistic hallmarks of Dheeraj’s playing include clarity of sound and exciting rhythmic improvisations.

    Listen to Dheeraj.

  • Ajak Kwai

    Ajak Kwai’s music is infused with funky afro-beats and represents the depth and richness of her South Sudanese roots. Singing in Arabic, Sudanese or English, Ajak conjures a vivid picture of her Dinka heritage.

    Inspiring and soulful, Ajak’s tales of exile, hope, freedom, love, and cows (much-loved animals of the Dinka) reflect her optimism and belief in the best of human nature.

    Listen to Ajak.

  • Mario De Conde

    Native to Bolivia, Mario De Conde is a musician who captivates audiences by fusing traditional Bolivian and Western music.

    Mario contrasts modern and traditional elements using the international language of music which lends him a unique ability to connect with the audience. He has performed and toured throughout Australia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, South Africa, South America and North America.

    Listen to Mario.

  • Clara Domingo

    Born in Barcelona into a family deeply entrenched in Catalan cultural heritage, Clara Domingo started her formal musical studies when she was five years old. Since then, Clara has continued to follow her interests in traditional Spanish music - especially flamenco.

    Clara recently settled in Australia and has continued to create a unique style which reflects an international sensibility firmly grounded in Spanish and Catalan traditions.

    Listen to Clara.

  • Dya Singh

    Dya Singh is one of Australia’s pioneers developing new Australian World Music. He is a master musical interpreter of traditional Sikh hymns and music from around the globe.

    Over the last 20 years, Dya has performed around the world with his music group performing hypnotic, soothing and uplifting music in an inspirational experience.

  • Liam Morton

    Liam Morton is a guitarist who performs jazz, blues, flamenco and pop. Liam’s style was honed under the direction of esteemed composer and performer Dr Anthony Garcia. Improvisation forms the basis of Liam’s performances, often taking place in cool jazz, bossa nova and samba pieces. He also performs reworked pop music for solo guitar, and colours his arrangements with walking basses, chord solos, and jazz harmonies.

    Liam began performing in Brisbane in 2012, and is now a regular player in the restaurant, bar and cafe scene in South East Queensland.

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