Queensland Disability Plan 2014-19

Queensland Disability Plan 2014-19: Enabling choices and opportunities

The Queensland Government is committed to enabling people with disability to have greater choice and control over disability care and supports, and to providing social and economic opportunities for people with disability. In December 2013, the Government released the Queensland Disability Plan 2014-19: Enabling choices and opportunities to:

  • prepare Queensland for the transformative National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  
  • make mainstream and community services and sectors, such as education, health, transport, tourism and housing, accessible and inclusive.

The Queensland Disability Plan also contributes to Queensland’s commitments under the National Disability Strategy 2010–2020.


The seven priorities of the Queensland Disability Plan are designed to drive actions that will achieve a successful transition to the NDIS, and create accessible and inclusive communities that will benefit all people with disability and Queenslanders. The seven priorities are:

  1. Support people with disability and communities to be well-informed and confident about what the NDIS means for them
  2. Support people with disability, families and carers to exercise choice and take up opportunities
  3. Support non-government disability service providers to operate in a competitive market-based environment
  4. Develop a skilled and strong workforce
  5. Prepare Queensland Government departments to transition disability funding and services to the National Disability Insurance Agency
  6. Enhance mainstream services and facilities to enable genuine choice and participation in all areas including education, employment, health, justice services and housing
  7. Promote genuine participation in the community.

Delivering the Queensland Disability Plan

The Queensland Disability Plan will be delivered through actions set out in each Queensland Government department’s Disability Service Plan and in partnership with all levels of government, business, industry, people with disability, families, carers and the community sector.

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